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Need A Roof Inspections?

It’s difficult to tell how well-maintained a roof is just by taking a glance at it. Homeowners face a significant financial burden when repairing or replacing their roofs. An annual roof inspection can save you from having to pay for more expensive roof repairs down the road.

To accurately assess the true cost of a house, prospective buyers must have an inspection done including a roof check before making an offer. To keep their roofs in good shape, current owners ought to get their roofs inspected regularly. Roof inspections can allow homeowners to prioritize home repair initiatives in addition to detecting typical roofing issues. The following are some of the most typical roof issues:

Curling/Buckling Shingles

Buckling shingles appear as if they are being pushed upward from beneath. It can be the result of a lack of insulation or poor attic ventilation, as well as improper installation.
Curling shingles have turned up edges, making the central part of the shingle look like it is sinking (a concave shape).

Plant or Moss Growth

As a result of natural weathering and age, all roofs have microscopic gaps on the roof’s surface that allow water to get through.  Sometimes, under the right conditions, growth occurs and causes issues.   Having a roof inspected might help homeowners schedule repairs to avoid future damage.

Missing Shingles

In the event of a severe storm, your roofs may be damaged by strong winds, and other weather conditions, resulting in leaks and the necessity for roof repairs. After a severe weather event, an immediate roof assessment might help you discover leaks and prevent more damage from occurring

Leaks or Cracks

The most common reason for a roof check is the discovery of leaks after severe rain. In certain cases, though, a leakage in the roof may indicate a more serious problem, such as decaying wood or mold or corrosion or moist insulation. If you suspect a leak in your roof, don’t wait, call us immediately.


That’s why Certified Pro Roofing provides the customer with a comprehensive roof inspection service. Our roof inspection services are carried out by our highly skilled and trained experts, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with our high-quality services.


The certified contractor license has several requirements, including educational and work experience, a background check and. Registered contractor license requirements include a certificate of competency, proof of financial responsibility and business insurance.

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