Did you know there are over 2.5 million small businesses across Florida? That doesn’t include the thousands of large business entities that operate in the sunshine state! From shopping malls to factories, there are a ton of commercial properties in Florida. But what type of roofs protect these properties from the state’s notoriously extreme weather?

Here’s a look at 3 common types of commercial property roofs in Florida and their uses.

1. TPO Roofs

If you’ve ever seen a flat roof on commercial property with a white membrane, chances are it was a TPO roof! TPO—which stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin—is a single rubberized layer applied to the roof of properties.

Uses of TPO Roofs

TPO roofs are commonly used in commercial buildings like factories to reflect sunlight. This keeps the factories cool and lowers their reliance on cooling systems like air conditioning. TPO roofs also increase a property’s wind resistance and prevent water from seeping through the roof. This prevents water damage such as wood rot and mold growth.

2. Green Roofs

Imagine a roof that looks like a garden—that’s what green roofs are like! They’re made by adding layers of soil and plants on top of a property’s roof. A waterproof membrane similar to TPO is placed between the soil and the roof deck to prevent water from seeping through the bottom.

Uses of Green Roofs

Green roofs are used to offset the carbon footprint of commercial properties. They’re also used to grow plants and can even act as rooftop parks if placed on top of expansive retail buildings like shopping malls!

3. Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is among the most common types of roofing for commercial properties. It involves fastening sheets of metal onto the property using rivets or screws. Old commercial properties feature metal roofing made from cheap materials like corrugated iron. On the other hand, modern commercial properties feature top-of-the-line stainless metal.

Uses of Metal Roofs

High-quality metal roofing is made to resist impact from falling objects like tree branches. It’s also resistant to fires and absorbs heat to regulate the interior temperature of the property underneath. However, metal roofing isn’t as effective at preventing water damage compared to alternatives like TPO roofing.

The qualities of metal roofing make it ideal for use in all types of commercial properties, from gas stations to convenience stores. They’re one of the most cost-effective roofing options available to businesses.

Rain falling off a roof

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