If you live in Florida, chances are you know how damaging winds are in numerous cities across the state! Wind speeds reach as high as 8 to 9 miles an hour in places like Pensacola this time of year—causing immense damage to roofs.

Fortunately, roofing contractors are always ready to help restore the roof of a home after severe weather damage. But what if you think it’s okay to wait for a few days to repair your roof? How do you know whether you require an emergency roof repair or not?

Here are three major signs you require an emergency roof repair.

1. The Shingles Are Damaged

If your roof’s shingles are damaged, it’s time to get an emergency roof repair! Damaged shingles will eventually fall off if they aren’t repaired. This will expose your roof, causing rainwater to seep in and damage your home.

We recommend checking to see if the shingles of your roof appear inverted after a severe weather event. It’s also worth observing if the edges of the shingles have curled up. Unfortunately, this is extremely hard for the average joe to check from the ground. Therefore, we recommend hiring roofing contractors to perform a thorough residential roof inspection following severe weather.

2. The Ceilings Look Discolored

Are there discolored patches on your ceiling? If so, chances are your roof’s leaking! Roof leaks cause water and moisture to seep into your ceiling and cause mold growth. Mold causes an array of medical problems—especially if you’re allergic—so it’s vital to get an emergency roof repair if you notice ceiling discoloration.

3. There’s a Musty Smell

Did you know that if your property’s wooden foundations are rotting, a damp smell will waft through your home? Unfortunately, wood rot is an extremely common issue affecting homes in Florida due to the combination of warm and wet weather in the rainy season.

If left unchecked, wood rot under your roof can cause it to collapse. Therefore, it’s crucial to get an emergency roof repair if you notice a damp smell in your home. It’s also worth getting the roofing company to check your roof and suggest ways of reinforcing the wooden beams underneath so they don’t rot in the future.

Rain falling off a roof

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