Have you ever seen a house with a roof that looks like the top of a tent? If so, chances are you’ve seen a gable roof! Gable roofs are made by attaching two sections of a roof to form a ridge known as a gable. They’re one of the most common types of residential roofs—and they come in multiple variants like Dutch or clipped gable roofs. But what’s the difference between the two?

Here’s a look at three key differences between Dutch and clipped gable roofs. 

Clipped Gable Roofs Feature a Clipped End

Imagine taking a brick and sanding down one corner till it’s flat. That’s what clipped gable roofs look like! Clipped gable roofs—also known as Jerkinhead roofs—look like one end of the roof has been cut off at the top-front edge. In contrast, Dutch gable roofs feature a continuous unclipped ridge.

The flattened end of clipped gable roofs offers a wealth of benefits like greater structural stability and resistance to wind. However, the roof must be at the right pitch—especially between September and May when wind speeds can reach up to 9.9 miles an hour in places like Pensacola Beach. Therefore, if you’re thinking of investing in a new roof installation in Pensacola FL, it’s vital to consider which part of the city your property is in!

Dutch Gable Roofs Allow More Sunlight into the Property

If you’re struggling to decide between Dutch and clipped gable roofs, ask yourself how much natural light you want to flood your property. Dutch gable roofs allow more sunlight into a property because they feature open ends. On the other hand, the clipped portion of clipped gable roofs is typically covered.

It’s also more common for Dutch gable roofs to feature windows within the gable compared to clipped gable roofs. These design differences enable Dutch gable roofs to allow more sunlight into a property compared to clipped gable roofs.

Clipped Gable Roofs Offer More Attic Space Than Dutch Gable Roofs

Need a roof that offers a more spacious interior? If so, it’s worth getting a clipped gable roof instead of a Dutch gable roof!

Roofing contractors can add extra living space underneath clipped gable roofs because of the way the roof is designed. While it’s also possible to add a room underneath a Dutch gable roof, it’ll be much narrower.

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Whether you opt for a Dutch gable roof or a clipped gable roof for your property, it’s vital to get them installed by experienced new roof contractors. That’s where Certified Pro Roofing comes in! We offer high-quality new roof installation in Pensacola, FL, for shingle, metal, and flat roofing. We also provide roof repair services to help clients whose properties’ roofs have sustained extreme weather damage.

Our services are covered by GreenSky’s credit programs to ensure affordability and we provide every client with a free quote for our services.

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