Florida is frequently impacted by extreme weather. Rainstorms, high winds, and hurricanes inflict damage on the housing frequently. As a result, homeowners must always be aware of the state of their roofs.

Regular roof inspections are the most important measure. Roof inspections should be performed at least once a year to examine the state of your roof. Furthermore, roof inspections also guarantees the the structural integrity of your property and your family’s protection.

Tips to Pass the Roof Inspection

Fix A Damaged Drainage System

Any blockage in downspouts or gutters leads to drainage overflow, causing soffit and fascia damage. As a result of the water entering your roof, it will deteriorate with time. These damages can be easily avoided by checking and cleaning the drainage system regularly.

Inspect Chimney Damage After Storm

When falling tree branches strike your chimney, the top layer of bricks might be completely or partially damaged. High winds can also displace the chimney cap.

Repair Any Leaks in the Roof

If roof leaks are discovered early on, they may save you a lot of money. You may detect black areas of dampness while checking your roof. Mold areas on the roof’s corners might potentially signal the possibility of a tiny roof leak. So, before the damage worsens, you should contact a roofer for a more thorough assessment and repair.

Shingles That Are Missing Or Damaged Should Be Replaced

The state of Florida is prone to strong winds. High winds are capable of blowing your shingles away in sections or completely. Both of these scenarios result in water entering your roof. As a result, these shingles must be replaced.

Get The Rusted to Loose Nails Fixed

If you notice corroded or loosened bolts on your roof, you can be certain that deterioration has begun. The corroded nails will cause the shingles to break, allowing water to enter. Get them replaced immediately to prevent any costly repairs.

Your Roof Surface Should Be Cleaned

The accumulation of debris and dirt on your roof is accelerated by the wind. Water will accumulate on your roof due to the collected leaves and debris. Water damage occurs as the rainwater is accumulated and slowly seeps through the crevices between the tiles. Sweeping your roof regularly is a smart idea.

Remove Any Mold or Algae Growth

If your roof is old, algae, mold, and fungus will develop in places. The shingles will disintegrate over time as a result of these. After finding these growths, carefully clean the area and rinse it with a mild bleaching solution to prevent further growth.

Curled And Warped Shingles Must Be Repaired

Florida summers may be quite damaging to your roof. The tiles bend or start to curl due to the extreme heat. They create a space in the roof for water to leak through. Get them inspected and corrected by the expert roofer.

Construction worker carrying heavy shingles to be installed by the master roofer

A roof check should be performed once a year as a routine maintenance task. Your roof must be ready for inspection. As a result, you guarantee that your house is as safe as possible against potential damage and degeneration.

If you follow these tips for passing your roof inspection, you should be fine. Certified Pro Roofing has expert roofing contractors that offer regular roof inspections in Florida. We also offer new roof installation and roof repairs.

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