The weather in Florida may be harsh on your roof. When it comes to asphalt roofs, there are benefits and drawbacks to consider; if you’re considering shingle asphalt material for your residential property, this blog can help you give pointers.

Check out the five most important benefits of shingle roof installation.

1. Cost-Effective Option

Asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective roofing material available today. Roof shingles come in a variety of categories, each of which has a price tag based on its quality. Higher the quality, higher the price.

Dimensional shingles are high-quality shingles that are often thicker, enhancing their toughness, exterior attractiveness, and durability. They have longtime warranty than cheaper 3-tab shingles.

You must consider the several shingle possibilities to choose which one best suits your demands and budget.

2. They Are Available In A Range Of Colors And Designs

Asphalt shingle roofs can offer a variety of aesthetic appeals and also comes in many different colors. An asphalt shingle roof may be the best alternative for you if you’ve always wanted a more beautiful look for your roof.

Some shingles are manufactured to look more like slate tiles, wooden tiles, cedar shake, and other roofing materials. Several roofing materials, such as slate, are attractive but difficult to work with and costly. When you choose a shingle that looks like a natural slate, you get the benefits of the design you want without the downsides.

3. They Are The Most Versatile Option Available

Asphalt shingles may be used on practically any sort of roof. No matter the complexity or size of your roof, these shingles can easily cover any roofing structure. Asphalt shingles are made to fit a variety of shapes, sizes, and angles. As a result, they can suit almost every roof.

4. They Can Be Energy Efficient

Shingle roofs are also energy efficient and can reduce electricity bills. They may be built-in dark, medium, and light tones, each reflecting a bigger percentage of the sun’s thermal radiation. The light tone of shingles will reflect nearly all of the thermal radiations, keeping the building at a pleasant temperature.

5. Easy To Install

Asphalt shingles are often considerably easier to install than slate or metal roofing. Because shingles are lightweight materials, they require less labor and time to install.

However, you will need an experienced roofer to install. The process is rather simple and can be completed with hardly any difficulty. Although only a few roofers specialize in tile or metal roof installations, which can make locating a certified installer hard, practically any professional roofer can install asphalt shingles.

Because installing asphalt shingles is simpler than installing other roofing types the cost of installation is also lower.

6. It Is Possible To Replace Single Shingles

High quality asphalt shingles that are correctly installed will survive for many years, but they might be damaged by environmental factors beyond your control. However, you can have the damaged shingles replaced with relative ease.

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Shingle roofing, as you can see, is quite favorable to homeowners in Florida for a variety of reasons. If you want to give your house an update with a shingle roof installed by Certified Pro Roofing, get a free estimate by clicking here.

Our roofing services also include roof inspection and roof repair. So, get yours installed now!

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