Roofs are constantly exposed to the sun. Depending on your environment, the degree of sunlight your roof will receive varies considerably.

You will experience long days of bright sun in Florida, which puts a strain on roofs. Florida gets more solar radiation than the rest of the country due to its proximity to the equator. If you live or work in Florida, you must get a roof inspection for sunlight damage. Here are a few signs of sun damage to look out for.

Corner Lifts from Sun Damage

Your roof help keeps heat out of the house by reflecting it or absorbing it. Your roof works tirelessly to keep the interior cool throughout Florida’s hottest days.

The roofing shingles or tiles will begin to loosen from the edges as the temperature rises. This is normal, but it’s critical to examine your roof frequently before the shingles begin to crack.

Starts to Fade in Color

Although roofs are built to endure for a longer period, colored shingles can fade with time. If you find certain shingles are beginning to fade from their original color, contact a roofing company you can trust immediately away so they can inform you if they need to be repaired.

Thermal Damage to Metal Roof

If you have a metal roof, keep in mind that the materials might still be damaged in excessive temperatures. The metal destabilizes as a result of thermal stress, forcing it to weaken and break. Cracks allow humidity to enter the home, causing issues such as fungus, mold, leaks development, and the deterioration of the roof structure.

The most common reason for a roof having to be replaced right away is trapped humidity. The roof may become brittle due to thermal stress, making it less likely to survive hurricanes and harsh weather conditions.

Deteriorating Shingles

Your shingles will start to crumble and deteriorate with excessive heat exposure that your no longer handle.

This is a regular occurrence in an older commercial or residential building that hasn’t had its roofs properly maintained. With quite a lot of exposure to the sun and heat, the existing shingles will start to break or deteriorate, which might leave your residential building at risk of severe damage and costly repairs.

Curling Shingles

When the temperature rises too high, older shingles or of lower quality may start to bend. Even small amounts of curling, which may not be seen initially, might become noticeable with time. The consequences can be the breaking or crumbling of shingles.

You must contact your local roofing professional as soon as you discover any symptoms of shingle curling.

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Solar damage to a roof is gradual. Because solar damage is unavoidable, conducting frequent inspections is the most critical thing you can do to extend the life of your roof.

A yearly roof inspection can help you avoid these problems and cure them before they become costly repairs. Certified Pro Roofing has the knowledge and experience to repair your roof so that it can withstand the hot summers and even harsh weather.

We have expert roofing contractors that provide exceptional roofing services in Florida. From new roof installation and roof repair to roof inspection – we will get the job done!

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