If you are thinking that residential roof is same as the commercial ones, then you are wrong! A highly skilled roofer can help in selecting the ideal type of roof for your building. Although a roof may appear to be nothing more than a building roof, each one is unique. Each roof has its design, durability, and installation.

One should know the differences between the two and should pick a roofer who is familiar with your particular roof. Let’s have a look at the difference.

Roofing Materials

Every roofing type’s material selection is also determined by the slope.

Residential roofing types such as slate, tile, and asphalt shingles are very excellent in removing rainwater and snow.

Commercial constructions, on the other hand, typically feature built-up roofing (BUR), which can withstand strong winds.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is yet another commercial roofing material that can withstand long-term exposure to UV radiation and are very resistant to puncture, ripping, and water pooling & leaks.

Roofing Design

Roofing design is based on the slope which constitutes the major difference between commercial and residential roofs.

The slope of the commercial roof is completely flat and low to prevent the building from high winds. Commercial roofs are quite large than a most residential roofs.

The pitch of a residential roof is usually higher which is necessary because residential buildings have a limited area and must drain rainfall as quickly as possible. Furthermore, because most houses are two floors, the roof can be seen from the street. As a result, when a renovation project aims to improve a residential property’s curb appeal, roofs are always taken into account.

Roof Installation

Various roofing materials necessitate several installation techniques. Commercial roofing necessitates months to install due to the number of layers (decking, insulation, protective coating, and reflective coating) and sheer size needed. While the residential roofing can be completed in a matter of days due to its simplified design and two layers (an inside wooden layer for insulation and an outside protective layer).

Roofing Repair and Maintenance

Commercial roof repairs can quickly escalate into a large job. When water penetrates a business roof’s levels, the complete roofing layers must be inspected. It may be as simple as repairing one area of the roof, or it could be as complex as doing extensive repairs and reapplying layers to a large portion of the roof.

Leaks in a residential roof are frequently seen in isolated areas where shingles have gotten loose. And in most cases, the task may be completed in a few hours.

As for maintenance, a residential roof usually simply needs to be inspected visually regularly. This examination is conducted from the level ground, checking for evidence of damage following storms or other events. Disconnected gutters, missing shingles, and other issues are all signs of deterioration.

Commercial roofing often requires the services of a professional roofer for regular maintenance.

residential building and a car

You must hire a skilled and experienced roofer whether you are building a new house or a business facility. Working with a reputed expert during building helps to avoid maintenance issues in the future. Hire Certified Pro Roofing for professional roofing services in Florida.

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