Regardless of where you live in Florida, you’ve probably faced several storms, high winds, heavy rain, hailstorms, and other rough weather conditions over the years. Storms can be particularly devastating for your home’s exterior.

Hurricane-force winds classified by meteorologists as greater than 74 mph or gale-force winds from 39 to 55 mph can significantly damage your roof. If your roof has shingles installed, storms can lift and curl these shingles, potentially leaving your home open to water damage from rain.

It’s important to contact professional roofing contractors like us if you think that your roof has faced severe storm damage. However, let’s discuss what you need to do after a storm to understand your options for preventing any further damage to your roof.

Roof Inspection

Safety comes first and you’ll need to schedule an inspection to get a complete damage assessment. We can assess the damages for you and give you an estimate of the necessary repairs to save you from any future expenses.

However, you can also check for roof damage in several ways. You may be able to get a good view of the parts of your roof from the windows and note down or take pictures of potential damages. These can be used for insurance claims.

If you notice any visible signs of storm damage such as curled shingles, dents, or missing shingles, contact us. What’s more, you can also check the overhang of your roof such as gutters or gable vents.

Windows need to be inspected for cracked or broken glass or weather stripping.You can also observe the attic and ceilings for water leakage as they are a major indicator of exterior damage. Hail and high winds can cause unseen leaks that can turn into major issues later on.

Hiring Dependable Contractors

It’s important to work with professionals like us as after any seasonal storms, there are high chances that you may receive a discount from our services. However, the best way to look for a contractor is by independently researching locally available contractors such as Certified Pro Roofing.

We can assess the storm damage from a professional perspective and provide you with an accurate estimate. We will also replace or repair parts of your roof that have been severely damaged. With our years of experience,we can handle all the complex repairs and replacements for your roofing project so that you can enjoy peace of mind. We’re also licensed, certified, and insured with warranties for our services.

An under-constructionproperty with a grey-colored roof.

Hire A Professional Roofing Company to Get a Professional Roof Repair or Replacement in Pensacola, FL!

If you’re looking to get your roof inspected for damages, Certified Pro Roofing can help you out. We offer a diverse range of roofing services from new roof installation, roof repair, inspection,maintenance, and replacements. You can also check out our financing options to ensure that you aren’t limited by budget for getting the best roofing services. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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