People living in a hot climate need to prepare their roofs for efficient temperature regulation. The shingles you choose for your roof can either extend or reduce its lifespan and affect the comfort of your home as well as its energy efficiency.

Despite being popular roofing materials, wood and asphalt shingles are not the best option for regions with soaring temperatures. Choosing the wrong roofing material will result in your roof failing to provide adequate insulation and transferring heat to the rest of your home. Moreover, the roof may crack over time, leading to leaks and foundation problems. The right roof shingles can also help you save energy and money on utility bills while maintaining overall durability.

Here are some of the best roof shingles to keep your home cool and prolong its lifespan even in triple-digit temperatures.

Metal  Roofs

Metal roofs are most suitable for hot climates as they excel in high temperatures. Since they’re reflective, metal shingles can keep your home cool. Highly reflective coating and paints can further improve the energy efficiency of your roof.

Metal roofs have gained significant popularity in the past few years. The metal roofing market share 20 years ago just was 3.7%, but it increased to 14% in 2016. This is because of the material’s longevity – it can last two to three times longer than asphalt shingles.

Most copper, aluminum, and steel roof shingles are made with recycled materials. Metal roof installation leaves some space between actual metal panels and the decking. The space acts as a barrier that prevents heat from transferring from the roof to the living area below.

Metal is also considered a safer material for a hot environment as it is fire-resistant compared to other roofing types. After several years, your protective coating on the roof may wear down due to heat exposure. However, a simple re-coating is the only maintenance a metal roof needs.

Ceramic and Terra-Cotta Shingles

Terracotta means “cooked earth” and refers to the baking process at high temperatures. Baking makes this material less porous and more durable, preventing heat from getting trapped within the material.

These roofing shingles are commonly used in hot climates as they have better weather-resistant properties. The tiles feature a curved shape that allows air to circulate below the surface, keeping the interiors cooler.

The style and durability of terra-cotta make them expensive, but they’re worth investing in because of the energy savings they offer in the long run.

Ceramic roof shingles

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing features natural stone and is impervious to heat and sun. Roofs made from slate are fire-resistant and have a longer lifespan. So it’s a great investment for people living in hot, arid areas. Slate roofing requires little maintenance and is available in various light colors to reflect the sun’s rays.

Though slate is considered one of the most visually appealing roofing materials, it’s expensive and heavier.

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is the best alternative to the terra cotta and slate roofing. Rubber roofing is made from strong synthetic rubber, available in sheets for easy and quick installation on flat roofs. The rubber material can stretch up to 300% before breaking, which means it can expand and contract in the heat without the risk of damage.

In addition to being thick and strong, rubber roofing is also lightweight and easy to install. It repels heat to keep your home cool and helps you save on air conditioning costs. Since rubber is seamless, it acts as an effective barrier against air and water leaks.

Green roof

Green Roofs

Green roofs, also known as living roofs, are generally covered in moss and plants suspended over a protective, waterproof membrane filled with soil. The naturally cool temperature of the earth keeps the plants growing and your home cool by preventing heat absorption. Moreover, water runoff from plants can keep the building cool.

Even during the colder months, the green roof acts as an insulation layer to prevent heat loss. Green roofs are considered energy-efficient as they naturally add oxygen back into the air, which is important for areas with high traffic congestion.

However, green roofs require efficient planning, proper expertise, and vision. They can also be installed on traditional roofs, allowing homeowners to benefit from them as much as possible.

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