Mansard roofs are popularly associated with French architecture and have been gaining in popularity all around the world. This roofing design dates back to the 16th century and has serious historical significance. You may have seen this roofing design in commercial buildings before, but can you install this type of roofing on your residential property? Our blog will answer all of these questions and many more. Here are some details about this roof type, its features, and some pros and cons of installing it on your property.

What are Mansard Roofs?

To understand the structure of a mansard roof, you need to imagine a basic gambrel roof. It consists of two slopes on either side and looks similar to a hip roof. There is a top slope that is flatter while the bottom one is steeper. You may find this roofing design in many commercial buildings in Europe, but that does not mean that it cannot be used for a local residential property here in Pensacola. It is a versatile roofing option that can take many forms. A mansard roof installation is usually paired with some windows on each side, which can make any home stand out in the suburbs.

History of Mansard Roofs

François Mansart was an esteemed architect who developed the mansard roof design in the 16th century. Later in 1550, Pierre Lescot executed this idea for the roofing installation in the Louvre Museum. Eventually, in the 17th century, this roofing style became popular around France. Soon, Europeans began to refer to attic space as ‘mansard.’ During the rule of Napoleon the 3rd, mansard roofs became a symbol of status among the country’s elite. This is this architectural design started being used in the US and Canada. American architects began to implement this style in commercial and residential buildings in the 1960s. Some of these roofs were built on the original theme, while others had a flat top for easier construction.

An aesthetic view

Advantages of Mansard Roofs

Here are some reasons you should consider installing a mansard roof in your home.

1. Original Style

The style of a mansard roof is among the most authentic. It has a rich cultural history associated with its design. Roofing companies of Pensacola can provide you with many suggestions to implement this style and make your property more sophisticated.

2. Ample Space

When your roof has a sloped structure, its attic can only be used as a storage space. The attic of a gable roof has limited area and architectural options. On the other hand, a mansard roof’s attic grants you ample space and various decorative options. The windows in a mansard roof turn this otherwise useless area into a habitable living space. You can easily set up your kid’s bedroom in this area and save yourself from unnecessary home renovations.

3. Easier Attic Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the attic space is essential for the upkeep of your entire home. When you have limited access to the attic, it can be difficult to clean. This is why many homeowners of Pensacola face pest infestation problems in their homes. Leaks, cracks, and other forms of ceiling damage often start in the property’s attic. This is why a mansard roof is the preferred choice of many roofing contractors in Pensacola. It grants you easier access to the attic and makes regular roof inspections more convenient. You can identify damage signs in your attic early and hire roof repair professionals on time.

Roof with a chimney

4. Better Ventilation

Windows play a very important role in maintaining efficient ventilation in your home. The more windows home and each room has, the better will be the airflow inside. The attic space of any property also needs to be ventilated for internal temperature control. The windows in a mansard roof do not only provide an aesthetic benefit but also keep your attic cool in the summers. When your attic is properly ventilated, your entire property will be safe from heat buildup throughout the year.

5. Convenient Roof Cleaning

A traditional sloped roof design has many corners that can only be reached with the help of professionals. This increases the overall roof repair maintenance expense for homeowners in Pensacola. In contrast, a mansard roof is easier to clean due to the convenient placement of the windows. You can check the condition of your mansard roof yourself and keep it clean without hiring roofers every other month.

Disadvantages of Mansard Roofs

Here are some factors to consider before getting a mansard roof installed in your Pensacola home.

1. Not Suitable For Areas with Extreme Weather

A mansard roof does not provide enough protection against harsh weather conditions. It is easier to develop cracks and leaks after heavy rains. This roofing cannot withstand the weight of snow buildup and may collapse relatively easily. You can add an additional layer of insulation to enhance its strength, but that may further inflate roof maintenance costs.

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2. Requires Architectural Changes

A mansard roof is not easy to install in most homes due to its architectural design. You will need to rebuild your entire roof, attic, and, in some cases, even the ceiling for a mansard roof installation. This way, you should only consider this roof style when building a new property.

3. Expensive Installation

A mansard roof requires much more than ordinary roofing material for an installation. Building a mansard roof also takes twice as long as any other type of roofing. The cost of labor, material, and additional provisions will be substantial, and the life of the roofing may not be as long as most homeowners expect.
So consult with your Certified Pro Roofing’s roofing contractors before making this investment and weigh the pros and cons to reach the right decision. We can provide you with extensive roof installation options in Pensacola, FL, and save you from the hassles of repetitive roof repair needs. Get a free quote now to avail of our reliable services.

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