Have you been struggling to decide which type of roof would be ideal for your home? Are you overwhelmed by all of the options in front of you? Then this blog can help you out and make this decision simple. We will go into detail about a type of roofing that is quite popular in Pensacola. You can go through the pros and cons of each of these designs and determine if it makes for a worthwhile investment.

Hip Roofs

This roof design consists of two slopes joined together at a ridge. It has two or more downspouts to direct the flow of water or snow downwards. It is known for its durability and versatility in application. You can find this roof design on various types of homes and commercial buildings in Pensacola.

Pros of Hip Roofs

Here are some reasons homeowners prefer to install a hip roof.

1. Lower Cleaning Needs

The structure of a hip roof provides for a self-cleaning system that grants homeowners peace of mind. The problem of water accumulation is minimized due to the efficiently placed gutter and downspouts on either side of the roof. This means that rainwater slides off the surface of this roof more swiftly and saves you from cleaning it manually.

2. Bracing Structure

The shape of a hip roof is more stable than a gable and many others. This is why it does not requires any additional bracing. This roof can be built with less material and offers excellent protection against turbulent weather.

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3. Ease of Roof Installation and Maintenance

Due to the minimal use of diagonal bracing in a hip roof installation, you will save money on materials. The roofers of Pensacola recommend this roof type to homeowners who want to invest in a roof with fewer maintenance needs. The installation process of a hip roof will also take less time and finish without causing your family inconvenience.

4. Protection Against Hurricanes

Areas with a higher probability of hurricanes and windstorms can present homeowners with many unique challenges. Roof Damage is a common problem caused by strong rainstorms, tornados, and storms in Pensacola. But by investing in a new hip roof, you can add an extra layer of protection to your home. Their sturdy design allows them to stay intact despite any natural calamities. They are the least likely to detach or break during a storm. So make your home safer from unexpected weather conditions and get hip roofing installed today!

5. Enhanced Living Space

Hip roofs drive up the value of your property in many different ways. First, they enhance the interior beauty of your property, making it easier to sell in the future. Second, they provide space for dormer nests that can be used for many different purposes. They expand the internal space in your home and attic and make future renovations easier.

6. Versatile Nature  

Roofing companies of Pensacola can use a variety of materials for the installation of a hip roof. Tiles, shingles, and almost every other material can be used to build a hip roof. Homeowners can express their unique sense of style with these roofs while optimizing the protection of the property.

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7. Traditional Style

If you wish to create a simplistic and traditional design theme in your home, hip roofs should be your first choice. They add a touch of sophistication to old construction and highlight their best architectural features.

8. Curb Appeal

Hip Roofs can make any home stand out in a neighborhood. They enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior and provide you with many more decorative options for your outdoor living space. By investing in a new hip roof installation, you can increase the market value of your home and multiply your future returns.

9. Durability

A hip roof is among the most durable and reliable designs you can invest in. It can extend the life of your property and save you from recurrent home repair expenses. You will have to spend less on roof repairs, and the home remodeling will become more convenient.

Cons of Hip Roofs

Although hip roofs offer many benefits for homeowners of Pensacola, there are many factors to be considered before making the final decision. Here are some problems you may face during or after the installation of hip roofing.

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1. High Cost of Construction

Although the construction of a hip roof requires less bracing material, the overall cost of this project is still higher than the other options. The intricate detailing of this roof requires the services of expert roofers of Pensacola, which can be quite expensive. This is why Certified Pro Roofing provides flexible financing options for roof installation. You can invest in any durable roofing design for your home and pay for it affordably.

2. Leaking Risks

A hip roof can last much longer than other architectural designs if you maintain it well. But these roofs are prone to leaks and cracks if not taken care of properly. The method of installation of your hip roof also impacts its lifespan. Homeowners should only hire the best roofers of Pensacola to install a hip roof in their home. And schedule regular roof inspections as well, so the condition of your property can be maintained for the long run.

3. Need for Roofing Joists

Due to the lack of bracing material in a hip roof, it cannot support the installation of some heavy materials such as modified bitumen or metal roofing. But with the expert advice of Certified Pro Roofing’s roofers, you can find feasible alternatives.

Do you want to learn more about the features of hip roofs and their installation process in Pensacola, FL? Then let Certified Pro Roofing’s licensed professionals help you out! Our roofing company can guide you about the whereabouts of each design and help you choose the one right for your home. Click here to learn more about our services.

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