The condition of your roof says a lot about your home. Many home repairs start from your top and gradually spread to different parts of the property. With regular roof inspections and proper upkeep, you can save yourself from unforeseen maintenance expenses. Although professional help is required to evaluate the internal condition of your roof, there are many damage signs that homeowners can identify by themselves as well. Here are some tips roofing contractors of Pensacola give their clients to keep an eye on their roof’s condition.

1. Moisture Penetration in the Attic

Often, roof damage cannot be identified from the exterior. This is when homeowners should look for signs within the attic. If your roof is doing a poor job of insulation, you will notice peeling wall paint and water stains in the attic. It can be accompanied by a foul odor caused due to mold growth. Get in touch with a roof inspection company in Pensacola and find out why your attic space has water damage issues.

2. Aging Property

A roof installation can last between 10 and 40 years, depending on the material used. With proper maintenance, you may be able to add a year or two to your roof’s life, but eventually, you will need to invest in a new roof. Metal roofs tend to last twice as long as asphalt, but their maintenance needs vary from one climatic region to another.

If you have had to repair and renovate other parts of your home, the chances are that your roof needs an update as well. An old roof can crumble without warning and cause many problems. If your home is more than ten years old, you should regularly schedule appointments with professional roofers. They can help you take better care of your old and guide you about the right time for a replacement.

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3. The Ceiling’s Condition

The condition of your ceiling directly depends on the performance of your roof. If the roofing is doing a good job keeping moisture and external air out, your top will stay in its original state for longer. But if rainstorms or hurricanes have damaged your roof’s structure, you will soon begin to notice problems in your ceiling.

Some early indicators include water stains, cracks, and sagging. If you ignore these issues at first, you will pay much more for home maintenance later. This is why Certified Pro Roofing advises you not to dismiss signs of ceiling damage and call an expert roofing contractor urgently for help.

4. Indoor Air Pollution

When moisture starts to collect in your home’s internal air, it promotes the culture of mold, fungi, and many other pathogens. It can trigger breathing issues in many people and lead to debilitating health conditions in the long run. A roof inspection lets you evaluate your indoor air quality and seal up any gaps and cracks bringing pollution into your home.

5. Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

Has your air conditioner been malfunctioning despite regular repair and upkeep? Then the problem may not be linked to the AC itself and your roof instead. When your roof gets damaged, it fails to trap the external heat outside the home and leads to inconsistent indoor cooling. This puts a strain on your AC, which causes a malfunction over time. So instead of spending thousands of dollars on AC repair every other month, get your roof checked for insulation issues.

6. Sounds

A functioning roof does not only protect your home from outdoor air, rain, and heat but also fades out external noise. But if your roof is missing any essential components, it may produce disturbing sounds when a strong gust of wind hits it. You may hear a rattling sound coming from your attic. This problem will get worse if ignored for a long period. Contact an experienced roofer in Pensacola and find out what is causing your roof shingles to rattle.

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7. Mismatching Colors

If some parts of your roof are lighter than the others, this might not be the only defect in your roof. The main reason for this problem can be the inferior quality material used in roof installation. This is why some shingles start to lose their granules quicker than others.

Certified Pro Roofing can repair or replace this roof for you in an affordable manner with our flexible payment options. So don’t wait any longer and get all your roofing problems fixed before the weather turns for the worse.

8. Withered Home Exterior

If your home’s exterior shows aging and discoloration, your roof must also have similar problems. The reason why roof issues don’t get identified right away is limited access. Take the externally damaged condition of your house as a sign and call roof inspection experts to take a look.

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9. Your Neighbors Have Had Roof Replacements

Have you noticed more than a few neighbors buying new roofs for their homes? Then it might be time you took a closer look at your roof and scheduled a repair and replacement.

10. Exposed Nails

All the nails are bolted down properly when a roof is installed professionally. If you have noticed some of these nails popping out, it means they have loosened due to roof aging. This will destroy the stability of your roof and give way for water to penetrate your attic or ceiling.
So when you see visible nails heads on any part of your roof, call Certified Pro Roofing and have us inspect your roof for serious structural damage. Our roofing contractors will not only fix the visible damage but also improve the overall functionality of your roofing and attic space. Click here for a free quote now!

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