When buying a new roof, homeowners wish to make an investment that offers a great return in the future. A roofing material that improves the value of their home and amplifies the beautiful exterior of the property. It is also important for your roof to withstand harsh weather conditions, so you don’t have to get it repaired too often. For all of these reasons and more, homeowners of Pensacola, FL, choose TPO roofing for a new roof installation. Here are a few facts about TPO roofing that will help you decide if it is worth investing in.

1. Long-Lasting Finish

By installing a TPO layer on your roof, you can make the whole structure last many more years. It offers durable protection to your home from many natural calamities and weather changes. This is why Certified Pro Roofing encourages its clients to invest in this roofing option and save on future home maintenance bills.

2. Water-Resistant

Water damage is the most common reason for a roof’s deterioration. It shortens the life of your property’s exterior and makes it prone to frequent wear and tear. TPO roof is water-resistant and serves as a shield against rain and snow. Investing in this material saves your roof, ceiling, walls, and even the foundation from early depreciation.

3. Stops Fungi Growth

Water retention does not only damage your roof but also promotes the growth of disease-causing pathogens such as algae and fungi. This problem can quickly spread from your roof to other parts of the house. Save yourself from all these problems and protect your roof with TPO coating. It will keep your family healthy and your roof intact for much longer than usual.

4. Available Options

You can easily find TPO roofs in various types and colors. Some roofers in Pensacola also offer customization options for flat roofs. But these specifications can be expensive and may require you to avail financing options.

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5. Helps with Internal Temperature Control

A significant amount of heat enters your home through the roof. By installing TPO roofing, you can repel UV rays from the surface and keep your home cool. It will reduce the burden on your home’s air conditioning system and keep your energy bills in check as well. So give Certified Pro Roofing a call now and make your home energy efficient with TPO.

6. Flexibility and Versatility

A TPO coat can take many different shapes and fit the dimensions of any roof. It can be easily installed in every corner of your roof and provide ultimate coverage. Additionally, it offers just as many benefits in colder cities as in warm regions.

Things to Consider

Here are some factors you should consider before getting a new TPA roof installed in your home.

1. Quality Variations  

Homeowners need to be careful when choosing their TPO roofing services provider because the quality of its material can vary from one brand to another. Additionally, the installation process can also impact the look or structure of the TPO layer. Amateur roofing companies in Pensacola may offer you TPO roofing affordable options, but their workmanship will leave you disappointed. A roofer has to have experience in TPO to perfect its installation. This is why you should only choose Certified Pro Roofing to install a new TPO roof in your home. We provide you with certified services and reliable materials that last a lifetime.

2. Price Options

The cost of a TPO roofing is somewhere between $100 up to $500/ square, depending on the quality. Many homeowners make the mistake of using the cheapest form of TPO and end up paying for more in repairs later. Certified Pro Roofing advises its clients to go for high-end materials for enhanced durability. And if you are worried about its price, then our financing solutions can facilitate you through this process.

3. Add A Fire Retardant Material

To improve the functionality of your TPO roofing, you should install a fire-resistant layer underneath it.

4. Specific Repair Needs

The maintenance and repair of a TPO roof require the help of the best roofers in Pensacola. Because only trained professionals with TPO experience can fix damages in your roofing without tarnishing its finish. TPO roof maintenance also requires specific tools that only certified roofers have. So don’t risk TPO roof damage to save money and avail of Certified Pro Roofing’s services today!

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5. Slippery Surface

The slippery surface of TPO roofing helps it repel dirt, snow, and rainwater. But this property can be problematic for homeowners who like to do DIY roof maintenance. You can easily get into an accident trying to repair your TPO roof on your roof. This is why you should always opt for professional roof repair services when it comes to TPO.

6. Innovations

The roofing installation sector is constantly working to develop enhanced versions of TPO roofs. The demand for this material is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. It will offer an even higher return on investment for homeowners of Pensacola in the future and bring down various home maintenance expenses.

6. Shrinkage Issues

A commonly believed myth about TPO roofing is that it shrinks a few years after the installation. This is false because a high-quality TPO does not wither if installed by professionals. You will only face leakage or water retention issues on your roof if you appoint amateur roofers for this job.

Now that you know about the versatile features of TPO roofing, do you want to get it installed in your home in Pensacola? Then get in touch with Certified Pro Roofing contractors and make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Click here for more information about TPO roof installation.

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