Your property’s roof is an essential component. People usually look for roofing assessment solutions when buying a house, relocating to a new residence, or looking for a good insurance scheme. While examining your rooftop in these situations is critical, there are many other occasions when you should do so.

A compromised rooftop jeopardizes your property’s asset worth, lifespan, beauty, and stability. If you reside in Florida, you must be familiar with downpours, thunderstorms, and wind gusts. If you reside in an area where harsh weather occurs, you must frequently examine your rooftops.

Most homeowners are unaware of when a roof needs repairing or a new installation. We have a guide for you to understand the difference between the two procedures and the situations when they are required.

1. Considering The Age Of The Roof

While there is one thing you should think about before picking between a roof installation and repair work, it’s the condition of the shingle. Indeed, some covering types have a higher survival rate than others; however, there is a technique to eliminate that possibility. In most circumstances, a roof that is twenty to thirty years old is approaching the decline stage.

 A professional team repairing a roof of a residential propert

If your roof is in continual need of major maintenance because of its antiquity, it might be better to replace it instead of fixing it. However, if your roof only needs simple, affordable fixes, repairing it is a much better alternative. You can also examine the longevity of your rooftop tiles on a constant schedule.

There’s a set of specific roof installation standards that GAF recommends, and all GAF certified contractors like Certified Pro Roofing must follow. Improperly installed roofing that doesn’t follow the standards can allow water through your roof. Some of the reasons your roof might be dripping are:

  1. Your roofing isn’t properly bonded with the roof.
  2. The flashing isn’t installed according to the standards, allowing water in from the edges.
  3. The cross wash isn’t properly sealed.
  4. Fasteners and other piercings aren’t properly sealed with a sealant.

2. Deteriorating Roofing Material

Your roofing may eventually deteriorate to the extent that it can no longer be fixed, necessitating a new roof installation. If the decking has reached the point of failure, it isn’t cost-effective to make reckless repairs; it must be replaced. Some roof frameworks might not be recovered, and any attempt to do so could have much more negative implications. As a result, follow the prime directive and upgrade your shingles every 20 to 25 years while maintaining them properly.

A damaged roof of a commercial property

3. Spreading Of Toxic Mold

As your roof ages, it develops long-term growth on the materials, such as algae, fungi, and other organisms. This type of growth could indicate major roof issues that need to be handled immediately. This overabundance can also hinder drainage, culminating in moisture buildup and catastrophic fracturing. So, if you observe any growth on your shingle, it could be a sign that it needs to be restored as it’s clear proof of a range of interrelated problems and old age. As a result, spending funds on fixes isn’t very helpful.

4. Dampness Smudges On Interior And Exterior Of A Property

When contemplating roofing services, make a visual inspection of the rafters and sidewalls. Inspect any cupboards or spaces that aren’t used often. Why?

Walls of a property covered with dampness stains

As it’s crucial to know whether your roofing has any dampness marks that can indicate whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Many things might produce discoloration or dampness deterioration on drywall, but it’s an indication of a serious roof crisis. A prompt inspection and repair method can help prevent additional harm.

5. The Cost Of A New Rooftop Covering

When upgrading a roof platform, the cost of new shingles is a big consideration. Replacing a good roof is undoubtedly more expensive than correcting a minor or major roof problem. Furthermore, wasting money and time on many fixes and mending works when you need a roof installation wastes both time and money.

With increasing material costs in the US, roof replacement costs will skyrocket in 2022. If you don’t have the funds to start your roof replacement project, work with roofing contractors who offer multiple financing options. Many reputable roofing contractors in Florida provide loans at affordable interest rates and flexible lending terms to start your roof replacement.

6. In Case Major Calamities Caused Roof Destruction

Another circumstance that may force you to get new roofing is if a weather event has damaged your home. If a thunderstorm or hurricane has gone past your region, your roof’s architectural stability might be substantially harmed, even if the devastation seems to be confined to the human eye.

Some residents will survive local calamities with their shingles substantially undamaged, at least on the surface. Even though your roofing is made of the most resilient composites available, you might have to replace it if it’s damaged.

Professional roofing contractors fixing a roof in Florida

Hire Roof Contractors In Florida To Revamp Your Home’s Roof

Are you tired of managing a leaking roof? You’ve come to the right place. At Certified Pro Proofing, we aim to help our clients change the outlook of their roofs. Clients in Florida prefer to use our roof repair and installation services because we deliver our work right on time. Our roofing contractors can guide you about the right ways to resolve roofing issues at affordable prices and provide you with consultancy on how you can keep your roofs in good condition after a long time.

We have a wide variety of trendy, safe, and stylish roofs built from the most durable materials. Our team of experienced roofing professionals will first inspect your roof to identify potential roofing errors and provide solutions according to your needs and requirements.

We also provide financing solutions for our clients who need to replace or repair their roofs but can’t afford to cover the expenses in one go. Our team comprises certified, licensed, and insured professionals, which means we have a comprehensive knowledge of roofing systems, years of work experience, and background to ensure safe project execution.

We’re proud to announce that we’re a GAF certified residential roof contractor in Florida. We understand that roof maintenance can be a financial burden for many clients. We offer several financing options to ensure none of our clients are deprived of roof maintenance.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our representatives for more details about our Florida roof installation and repair services.

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