Did you know that 97% of all roofing and ladder accidents happen in residential areas? Even among the workers, there are a lot of accidents. Roofing fatalities grew a staggering 15% in 2019. This is partly because the workers have to get up in high places where roofs are poorly installed.

Poor installation is one of the biggest causes of damage to residential roofing. But it’s not the only mistake inexperienced roofing companies make. There are several more.

1. Not Replacing Old Shingles

It might be legal in some areas to put new shingles over the old ones, but it’s one of the most common and biggest mistakes in residential roofing services. The correct way to go about this is to remove the old shingle and attach a new one.

This should be standard practice. However, many inexperienced roofers will make this mistake. Putting new shingles over old ones will create areas or crevices where water and dirt can gather.

This mistake might save you some bucks at the start but can be costly later. Your roof will deteriorate and become damaged. Spend a few bucks now and save yourself from expensive roof repairs in the future.

2. Roof Flashing Mistakes

Flashing is essential in roofing in both commercial and residential buildings. It prevents water leakages. Yet, it’s a common mistake in both. The flashing is the metal strip installed along the valleys and edges of the roof.

Inexperienced roofers might install it incorrectly or not secure it right. This will make the flashing buckle, and your roof will eventually become leaky. Roofers might reuse the old drip edge flashing. If this happens, both insects and water will easily leak in.

It’s imperative that new flashing is installed every time and is aligned and fastened correctly. Consult with your roofer before he begins work on it to ensure your home doesn’t suffer unnecessary water damage.

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3. Incorrect Nail Placement & Lengths

Shingles are held down by nails, and using the wrong length or placing them incorrectly results in a poorly installed roof. When a new roof is applied, shingles and nails need to be placed at specific places. Placing the nails in the wrong spots will result in structural issues.

Nails are supposed to go underneath the shingles. A common roofing mistakes amateurs will make is placing where they’re exposed to the elements rather than underneath the shingles.

Exposed nails will rust and leave holes in the shingles, and you’ll be calling roof repair services sooner than later. The other mistake with common nails is the incorrect nail length. Shingles are loosed if the incorrect nail length is used.

4. Mismatched Coloring

Many aspects constitute the house’s value. The aesthetic appeal and look are one of them. If you have a slate roof and not a shingle roof, a common concern is getting them to match.

Although it won’t cause any damage, it reduces the appeal of your roof, which then lowers the value of your home. Double-check if the color matches the slates you have before you purchase them. Not every batch has the same colors.

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5. Ventilation Mistakes

Attics are an essential part of your home’s structure. If you just forget it, not only do you have to deal with internal issues, but it also reduces the lifespan of your new roofing. It gives the roof the solid foundation it needs and keeps the shingles in place.

It’s common among inexperienced roofing companies and those looking to cut costs to not focus on ventilation. The ventilation is installed poorly and results in moisture buildup. The shingles also fall prematurely. Ensure proper vents are added for effective air ventilation.

air vent in the roof

6. Not Adding Enough Protection

A roof getting repairs is common, and you might even be replacing it. Have you covered the area being worked on? Your roof needs protection during tear-off. Tearing off a roof will expose it to the elements. Cover the area and prevent anything from getting inside.

7. Wrong Shingle Overhang

Due to poor installation, shingles can be blown off during high winds and severe storms. This is because the shingles overhang isn’t the right size. It should be between 6 to 10 mm. Less than this will result in water infiltration. It can also cause leaks in the structure.

This mistake can easily be avoided if you hire pros for roof installation. The right installation and addition of drip edge flashing will protect the roof deck from water leakage. Flashing can also be easily secured with a shingle adhesive.

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8. Underlayment Installation Issues

Underneath the roof is a layer of waterproof and water-resistant material installed directly on the roof deck. The underlayment needs to be applied under every roofing material. The underlayment is an extra layer that will safeguard the roof from severe weather and the elements.

There are three major types. The first two underlayment options you’ll find, asphalt-saturated felt and synthetic, are water-resistant. The third option for underlayment is rubberized asphalt which is waterproof.

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The best way to prevent damage and roofing accidents is to properly install the roof in the first place. Also, get the best and most experienced professionals for any maintenance or repair service. Since it’s such a crucial part of your home, hiring the right professional roof repair services is vital.

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