With the world evolving fast, arguably every industry and sector of the world has advanced at a rapid rate. The same is the case for roofing technology. More and more advancements are seen these days compared to roofs of the past, including new materials, better upgrades, new designs, increased durability and sturdiness, more efficiency, enhanced safety, and more.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the modern design and technological improvements in the roofing industry that we have seen in recent times.

Cool Roofs

A technology called ‘Cool Roofs’ has gained huge popularity when it comes to modern roofing advances. Coof roofs are an excellent option for you if you’re residing in an area that remains hot throughout the majority of the year. Cool roofs help you keep your home’s internal temperature down without the use of air conditioning. This means that not only will it keep your house cool, it will also help you keep your energy bills low.

Now, the question arises, how do cool roofs work? Cool roofs reflect extra sunlight back compared to traditional roofs, which in turn, makes them absorb lesser heat as compared to conventional roofs. These days, many materials can be converted into cool roofs, so you don’t even have to get the whole roof replaced. Cool roof paint and coating can be applied to your existing roof to make it reflect more light and absorb less heat.

Technological advancements like these often are a little more expensive than their traditional counterparts. The same is the case with cool roofs. Although it might cost you more upfront, it will definitely save you a lot of bucks on those electricity bills. On average, a cool roof keeps a house 50 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than a house that has a conventional, old-school roof, even on the hottest of days of summer. Cool roofs are also long-lasting, with an average roof with regular maintenance lasting for over 25-30 years easily.

Green-colored roof

Solar Roofs

As the name suggests, solar roofs incorporate solar panels fitted on the roof. The solar panels or shingles are positioned at an angle to maximize their exposure to the sunlight and generate as much electrical energy as they can. Solar roofing can’t be a project you take on yourself. It has to be done by a professional experienced in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

Solar panels being installed on the roof

Solar roofs also help you in reducing your energy bills. A lot of the electricity you use during the daytime will be the electricity your solar panels are producing. If you invest in a battery, the access electricity your solar panels produce can be stored and used at night as well. Solar panels aren’t much use if you live in an area where cloudcover is generally strong throughout the year and it rains a lot. Solar panels are not affected by water, but rain usually means there is no sunlight for the solar panels to generate electricity from.

On average, solar panels can last a good 209 years if properly maintained and serviced regularly. They cost around 21 to 25 dollars for each square foot, on average. Solar roofs, although expensive, can give you more than just cost-cutting on energy bills. If you happen to sell the house, these solar roofs will add a lot to your property’s value. Solar power is considered a very important technology for the future, especially in the United States, because it’s a renewable alternative for energy requirements, and it is a much more green alternative to fossil fuels, which the world is looking to replace due to our deteriorating climate conditions. If you live in an area where it’s hot and sunny for the most part of the year, do consider solar roofing as an option.

Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is another technology that helps homeowners to cut down on their energy costs without compromising on the looks of their house. Insulations of roofs are a brilliant advancement that helps people throughout the year. In winter, it works to retain the heat inside the house and not let the temperature inside fall. In the summers, it prevents the heat on the outside from getting in the house and keeps the internal temperatures low, minimizing the use of heaters and air conditioners.

professionals working on a roof

As per the U.S Department of Energy, efficient insulation methods can help you keep the temperatures of your house at desired levels, cutting down the costs of heaters and air conditioners by around 10-20 percent. Consequently, lesser use of heaters and A/Cs helps in lowering carbon dioxide and other harmful gas emissions and helps keep the environment safe.

There are multiple ways of insulating a roof. One is to do it using polyurethane foam. It works well as a sealant and covers the holes and gaps in order to keep heat in or out. It is also very durable and long-lasting and can withstand extreme heat, wind, and other adverse conditions.

Another effective way is to use closed-cell froth sheets, such as polystyrene, polyiso, or polyurethane. These boards are tough, rigid, and durable. It can be used for roofs, as well as attics, basements, and living rooms as well. One downside of these boards, though, is that they are not very safe for health. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences warns that these boards contain flame retardants that can cause disease, for example, cancers or reproductive damage.

Another effective way, and arguably the most popular one as well, is using insulation batts, sometimes also referred to as blankets. Insulation batts are readily available and easily transportable. They are also easy to install and provide satisfactory results. They are available in multiple sizes as well and thus, are easy to install without any need for customization.

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