The roof shields you and your possessions from the weather while also preserving the structural integrity of your building. It’s the first thing people notice when they visit your property.

Therefore you must choose roofing that complements the overall look of your home. Flat roofs have been a popular choice for commercial projects. However, with advancements in technology, individuals now have a wide range of economical roofing material and style options.

This blog will describe the different types of roofs and compare their prices to help you pick the right one for your home.

1. Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheets

Galvanized steel, often known as Galvalume, is a cost-effective and long-lasting roofing option for coastal residences. If properly installed and maintained, it can endure up to 60 years. It’s available in various shapes and colors, and it’s usually made of alloyed steel with a zinc finish for further protection.

Rain, strong winds, and rust are all resistant to this material. To ensure that it lasts as long as possible, reapply the zinc coat every 20 years. These roofs require particular caution during installation since any damage in the protective coating might lead to corrosion or discoloration over time. The average cost of a sheet of galvanized steel is $150 to $350 per square ft.

2. Three-Tab Shingles And Architectural Shingles

Architectural asphalt shingles are individual tiles that are thicker than three-tab and provide a layered and lasting texture to your roof. Architectural shingles are more expensive since they are made of higher-quality materials and take longer to install. They are, nevertheless, weather-resistant and can survive for 15 to 30 years.

On the other hand, three-tab shingles are thinner and carved to mimic three shingles. This ensures a faster installation time and a consistent, brick-like pattern. They’re not ideal for high-wind places and have a lifespan of 7 to 15 years. Architectural shingles are priced between $35 and $45 per bundle. The average cost of a three-tab shingle bundle is $25 to $30.

rust shingles on a properly maintained roof

3. Solar Shingles 

Solar shingles, also known as solar roof tiles, are manufactured from thin photovoltaic (PV) sheets that replace or overlay existing roof shingles. They transform absorbed solar energy into electrical energy, allowing homeowners to save money on their utility costs.

They’re similar in size to ordinary roofing shingles and are made of copper indium gallium selenide, making them thin and flexible. Solar shingles have a more appealing appearance than massive solar panels and last for years.

Solar shingles will take a week to install if your existing roof is in good condition. However, it may take longer if your roof needs rebuilding. Solar shingles are more durable and can survive harsh weather and falling debris. They’re also fire-resistant and easy to maintain.

However, because the technology is still in its early stages, not every solar company offers them. Solar shingles are also one of the most expensive roofing materials available, ranging from $15,000 to $20,000. It may appear to be too much for you, but it is well worth it and will save you a lot of money in the long term on electricity expenditures.

4. Metal Roofing

Since the early 1800s, metal roofing has been a popular option. Because aluminum and zinc components are economical, transportable, low-maintenance, and attractive—even as they age—metallic shingles and sheets are still popular.

Metal roofs can cost anywhere from $5 to $14 per square foot, depending on the material and design. They’re also available in lightweight shingle shapes, making them a popular residential roofing option.

While metal roofs are more expensive upfront, they can last up to 80 years if properly built, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

a person installing roof tiles

5. Wooden Roofing

Wooden roofing looks fantastic on Cape Cod homes, Craftsman homes, and Imperial mansions. They start light brown and eventually turn silver. Wood roofs can last up to 50 years in dry climates, but they demand extra maintenance in areas prone to fires, such as California.

Due to water and moisture in the air, wood roofing deteriorates more quickly in humid settings, such as those found on the East Coast. Redwood, pine, and cedar are attractive building materials because they all repel insects.

Cedar shakes are the most prevalent type of roof, and they cost $5-$7 per square foot. They boost the curb appeal and dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your place.

6. Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are natural roofing materials formed from molded and burnt clay. It’s better for homes in hot climates since it absorbs less moisture and heat. Clay tiles are costly to repair and install, but they always pay for themselves in the long run.

They’re simple to maintain and can withstand strong winds. Furthermore, clay tiles add to the curb appeal and come in various colors, including brown, grey, red, and terracotta. They range from $10-$18 each sq foot and can last for 50-100 years or longer.

7. Thatched Roofs

Thatch is fantastic roofing material for coastal homes in the United States. You tightly layer dry grasses and reeds on thatch roofs. It provides dwellings with a tropical vibe, making them ideal for beach cottages and huts.

Thatch can also be used in hotels in warm climates because it has a beautiful outdoor appeal. Thatch is accessible in both natural and synthetic forms. Its practical worth is unrivaled, and its appearance is unrivaled.

Thatch roofs, like wood, may appear to be a weak or unreliable material, but they can persist for up to 20 years. Synthetic thatch has a 50-year lifespan. Natural thatch is biodegradable and great sustainable roofing material. It usually costs around $20,000 – $25000 for a roof.

A red-colored roof

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