The roofing of a home is arguably the most important component of the structure, but it’s also more prone to damage and deterioration and is first to display signs of it if not correctly managed. As often as the substructure, the durability, resilience, and steadiness of roofing will characterize a home.

As a result, it’s astonishing how many homeowners overlook their roofs, enabling mold, mildew, filth, and twigs to accumulate. Not to forget the harm caused by direct exposure to sunlight and thunderstorms that go unattended. The paint on your roof is essential for protecting it from rain as well as other environmental harm.

The excessive UV levels in some states are only one aspect that a good paint job may manage to mitigate. Doing the work perfectly the very first time will indeed affect how frequently you’ll have to fix up the roof, as regular maintenance and painting are both costly and inconvenient.

This blog will take you through the whole process of roof painting process in simple steps, providing helpful hints and ideas along with it. Let’s get started.

Inspect the Roof

Before you start anything, it’s vital to carry out a thorough inspection of your roof. Starting the paint job without inspecting it first will only result in the masking of problems that will eventually pop out and cost you more money.

Interior inspection

Interior examination of the roof includes looking for any leaks or holes in the attic. Make sure the roof is sealed and there are not even minor leakages. Leakages, if left untreated, can increase in size over time and poses a hazard of serious water damage to not only the roof but to the structure of the house as well. It can also create a perfect condition for fungi like mold or mildew to grow.

Moss growth on a roof

Leakages and water damage can be spotted by dark stains, trails, or spotting fungi like mold. It’s best if you hire a professional roofing contractor to do the job since it’s not easy, and any mistake can lead to bigger consequences.

Exterior Inspection

Your roof will have to be examined from the outside as well. The exterior examination is a bit easier compared to the interior examination, but it still should be done by a professional. Check if there are any broken panels, shingles, or tiles. Loose or dangling panels should be immediately removed or replaced. Any algae or moss growth should be sprayed and removed. Check for rust if you have a metallic roof. If there is indeed rust, do remove it with the help of rust-removing solutions.

If you have a chimney, check the walls and the chimney liner. Check other vents and pipes as well. Lastly, don’t step onto your roof wearing shoes with spikes. These spikes can puncture your roof and cause leaks and holes. Wear rubber shoes with good grip to keep yourself safe and stable up there.

Apply Sealant

After the inspection is done, you now have to clean the roof and apply a sealant to it. A sealant is designed to protect the roofing material from adverse weather conditions, like heat, sunlight, UV rays, rainstorms, snow, etc. It also makes the roof waterproof and prevents it from absorbing moisture.

The sealant also helps keep your house retain its internal temperature and not let the heat or cold from the outside entrance into the house. This helps reduce the costs of energy bills.

Applying Roofing Coat

There is a slight difference when it comes to the paint and coat of a roof. The paint is merely a color to give the aesthetic looks and design you want. The real thing is the coat which you select.

A grey-colored roof

A coat of the roof will dictate how long the paint will last and how it will fair against the weather conditions. Roof coatings are much thicker than normal paint because they are specifically designed for usage on the roof. There are multiple coating options for you to choose from, including polyurethane coating, acrylic coating, asphalt coating, and more.

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane coating is a solvent-based coating that has high abrasion resistance and can withstand foot traffic. It mainly comes in two types, the aliphatic and the aromatic coating. Both of them are highly popular, especially in commercial roofing projects.

Acrylic Coating

The acrylic coating is a diverse coating that can be used in multiple weather conditions and on different roofing materials, but its color range is a bit limited.

Asphalt Coating

This type of coating is also solvent-based, but it’s much more resistant to water compared to other coatings. It’s usually applied through cold-process, but the fluid application is not uncommon as well. Asphalt coating usually is black or in a dark shade of grey to go with asphalt shingles.

Painting the Roof

With all of the above steps done with precision, now is the time to paint your roof the color you want. You can choose any color of your choice, as well as any way you want to paint it. There are plenty of ways to do it. Some of the common ones are:

A multi-colored roof

Using Paint Brush

Arguably the most common method of painting, using a paintbrush can be very easy and inexpensive for you. Paintbrushes are readily available everywhere. Make sure you use similar paintbrushes, though, in order to ensure the similar texture of the paint throughout.

Using a Roller

Another common method of painting, and an alternative to paintbrushes, is to use a roller to paint your roof. A roller will ensure even layers of paint everywhere, but you’ll require several rollers of different widths in order to reach the smaller surfaces of the roof. Make sure you see a quick roller paint tutorial before you start painting in order to not make a mess!

Spray Paint

Spray painting of roofs is common for commercial purposes, but you can use it for painting your house’s roof as well. You’ll need a spray gun which will cost more than a blade or a roller, but the process is easier and a lot less messy than using rollers or brushes.

If you’re reluctant to do all this stuff yourself, give us a call. Certified Pro Roofing has a team of professional roofing contractors who offer roof installation, repair, and inspection services at affordable prices. Get in touch with us now for more information.

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