The roof is the most crucial element in any home. However, homeowners may often make the wrong choice, especially when clouded by misconceptions. If the never-ending myths are preventing you from getting metal roofing in Pensacola, Fl, then you’re in the right place!

We’ve compiled a list of myths you should ignore!

Myth #1: Metal Roofing Are Unappealing

A building with quality metal roofing

Homeowners aim to add the best and most appealing features to their homes. Whether it’s a roof or an interior element, we aspire to ensure it contributes to the home’s beauty. A prevailing myth about metal roofs is they may seem unappealing and ruin your home’s appearance. However, just like every other myth, there isn’t any truth to this one.

Sure, there wasn’t much variety available with metal roofs previously, making them seem too plain. However, modern metal roofs are available in various styles and colors, and they often mimic other materials’ appearance. For instance, the latest metal roofs can offer you that ‘slate look’ without the burden real stone comes with.

So, don’t pay heed to this myth and explore some metal roof samples to find the one that meets your preferences.

Myth#2: Metal Roofs Corrode Quickly

Initially, when metal roofs weren’t an authentic roofing option, most of them were prone to rust. However, metal roofs have come a long way since then. Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs don’t rust since they are often coated with alloys, making them rust proof. Moreover, some metal roofs obtain further protection through a special paint coating.

As a result, the latest metal roofs have a lifespan of several decades and don’t corrode. In addition, some metal roofs come with rust warranties and last for almost 25 years.

Myth #3: Metal Roofs Are Noisy

Like every other metal roof myth, this one is a blast from the past, but this myth still prevails. Most people assume that metal roofs are too noisy. For instance, during rain, you’ll hear it pouring on the roof. Sure, this might calm some people, but others may find it irritating.

However, this is a misconception since experts insulate metal roofs to tone down these noises. Luckily, this insulation is quite effective in making metal roofs quieter than other roof types. Sure, there’s no promising that you won’t hear a thing on the roof, but you surely won’t hear any loud or disturbing noises.

Myth #4: Metal Roofing Draws Lightning

This one might seem believable and quite frightening, but don’t worry; this doesn’t apply to metal roofs. Usually, lightning is drawn to the peak in a particular area, so yes, your roof could fall prey to this. However, this is solely because of how lightning works. Moreover, metal roofs seem to have the same experience with lightning as other roof types, but they’re safer.

Lightning will travel from top to bottom but rest assured it won’t set your metal roof on fire. Unfortunately, other roof materials such as wood or asphalt are more likely to get struck by lightning and can catch fire too.

Myth #5: Metal Roofs Can Heat Up Homes

A building with quality metal roofing

The main purpose of a roof is to protect your home from harsh weather conditions and other external factors. Therefore, homeowners make sure they choose roofs suited for their climate. For instance, Floridians need roofs that can shield their home from the heat and strong winds. However, most people believe metal roofing isn’t fit for such hot climates. You’ll be surprised to know it’s quite the opposite; metal roofs are perfect for Florida weather!

Metal roofs are reflective, which means the rays will reflect off of them, keeping them cooler than some other roof materials. And the absorbed heat dissipates quickly too. As a result, this can be beneficial for homeowners trying to save on HVAC costs.

Myth #6: Metal Roofing Isn’t Suitable for Hail

Undoubtedly a hail storm could surely ruin a metal roof, but the chances are slim. Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs are one of the sturdiest roof options and are highly resilient; you don’t need to stress about weather damages. Compared to shingles and other roofs, metal roofs function well in hail and other weather conditions. So, you should definitely ignore this myth and don’t stress about roof damage in hailstorms; your metal roof will survive!

Myth #7: Metal Roofing Is Expensive and Not Worth It

A home with quality metal roofing

There’s no denying that metal roofing can seem pricey for most homeowners, but it’s a comfort knowing they can last up to 70 years with the right maintenance. Compared to other roofing options, metal roofing can be a tad bit expensive. However, it’s worth it since it lasts longer.

The average costs for metal roofing can vary between $5,300 and $14,700. However, don’t be alarmed as the costs vary drastically based on your home’s area, the material you use, and the roofing service you hire. So, with the right choices, you can easily find an affordable metal roofing solution.

Myth #8: Metal Roofing Is Heavy

As confusing as this myth seems, it’s equally absurd. Metal roofs are nowhere near heavy; it is one of the lightest roof types in the market. The top benefit of metal roofing is homeowners can easily DIY a repair since they’re lightweight and easy to move around or replace. Moreover, this trait can also help homeowners save money.

Most roofers often tend to install metal roofs over other roofs during repairs and when the current roof is in good shape. This usually salvages the roof without having the homeowners spend additional money for disposing and installing roofs. Moreover, you don’t have to stress about the additional roof weight due to metal roofs’ lightweight nature.

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