The summer season is approaching fast. For many people, summer is the time to hit the beach, while for some, it’s about pulling out their garden hose and starting watering their lawn. However, summer can also mean soaring temperatures which can lead to an escalation of energy bills and an increase in wear and tear on your home, especially the roof. As a homeowner, you want to do all you can to protect your precious investment.

A damaged roof will not only make your house look ugly but also affect its overall performance. A compromised roof is more susceptible to hazards such as electrical fires that can be a serious risk to the health and safety of both you and your family. Learn about the signs of heat damage to be mindful of.

Cracked Shingles

If you observe any cracks in your shingles, then this is a sign of something being wrong or them not being installed correctly in the first place. Cracked shingles not only ruin the aesthetics of the house but also reduce the lifespan of your roof. They also lead to an increase in utility bills, the prices of which are already sky-high due to economic and geopolitical uncertainties around the world. Get these shingles replaced as fast as possible before they get any worse. Other signs of heat damage to roofs include curling shingles as well as flecking. Heat damage is often visible as white flecks on the surface of the shingle.

Heat damage can also cause fine cracks that run parallel to each other and appear as if someone has dragged their fingernail across the shingle. They can be caused by moisture being trapped between layers of shingles when they are installed, causing them to contract and expand over time and damaging the roof further.

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Roofs are a big investment which is why properly maintaining them is crucial. Asphalt shingles start melting if they are exposed to scorching rays of the sun in very high temperatures for long periods (usually more than 48 hours). This is why it is essential to pick the right material according to the climate of the region.

The Roof Is Sagging

There are several reasons why a home’s roof warps. Chief among them is poor ventilation that leads to moisture buildup in the attic, which changes the materials under the roof. Also, if there is a lot of debris, then this can also cause the roof to safety. If you observe your roof is sagging, then call in a professional to have it fixed immediately.

The Roof Has Signs of Corrosion

Rust spots or discoloration on the roof can happen from exposure to moisture and sun rays over time. This can ruin the whole look of your home. When you notice this, get professional attention to get rid of them for good.

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Thermal Shock

Thermal shock is a sudden temperature change. It can cause materials to expand and contract rapidly, which can lead to thermal stress and even failure. Thermal shock is particularly a problem for materials that are exposed to both hot and cold environments, like the roof of a building. The most common type of thermal shock damage is caused by heat. When the sun shines on a roof, it can become extremely hot. This can cause the material to expand and eventually break. Thermal shock can also be caused by extremely cold weather.

Humidity Can Cause Shingles to Rot

While shingles are generally very durable, they can be damaged if they are exposed to excessive amounts of humidity which creates moisture. When the shingles become wet, the mineral granules will start to loosen and start rot. This can cause the shingles to fall off over time as well as be an eyesore on your roofs. Call in roof repair to have these sections replaced so that the roof can continue to perform at an optimal state.

Increase in Pests

When roofs get damaged, nearby rodents and other pests try to find a haven in your roof to escape the heat. This can further exacerbate the damage to the roof as well as increase the chances of dangerous bacteria coming to your household.

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