The primary purpose of a home is to provide its occupants with shelter and protection. There are various structural features that work towards these goals, your roofing system playing one of the most vital roles in collaboration with other components like the walls, the doors, etc., of your house.

The well-being of your roof not only impacts its ability to deliver all of its functions in full capacity but also influences if various parts of your house will be able to live up to their roles. An average roof will last you many decades, but as is the case for all things, it is not immune to wear-and-tear over time and may eventually fail altogether.

Since you can’t really go without a functional roof over your home, the only options left to turn to are either getting roof repairs or buying a completely new roof. Amongst the many home improvement projects you can undertake, a roof replacement is possibly one of the most costly in the year 2022. However, that hasn’t stopped homeowners from investing in new roofs. In fact, with new roofing trends for eco-friendliness and fire-resistance emerging recently, the residential roofing market worldwide is projected to grow by 4.5% till 2025.

In the US, the national average for the cost of a new roof is around $8,000. Since the project uses up such a big expenditure, you might want to sit down for a moment and ascertain whether the investment is going to be worth it.

At Certified Pro Roofing, we’ve had an industry-wide look at how having a good quality roof over the house benefits homeowners and makes their lives easier. We’re going to share with you some of the many advantages associated with high-performing roofing systems so there’s no room for second thoughts in your mind about getting your old, worn-out roof replaced for a new one.

A roofer at work on a rooftop

1. Weather Protection and Safety from More Factors

Living in a climate like Florida’s, you’re going to be hit by heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds all year-round. A robust roof protects you, your family, and your entire interior home space from the onslaught of all these external weather dangers. While windcan knock down temporary fixtures in your home, moisture that seeps inside negatively impacts your building’s structural integrity, causing the floors, walls, and more to weaken.

Apart from weather-related factors, modern roofing systems utilize far better material in terms of fire-safety. Fire-proof roofing materialssuch as metal, which happens to be one of the most fire-resistant options available on the market currently, ensure that the fire spreads much slower.

Contemporary roofs are also more heat-resistant. They reduce the transfer of thermal energy and can keep out harmful solar energy, like UV radiation which causes skin cancer in human beings.

2. Energy-Efficiency

According to the US Census Bureau data analysis, 24% of Americans have struggled to pay their energy bills in the past year. They’ve had to either skip on essentials like food or medicine to make ends meet or keep temperatures inside the house at an unhealthy level to keep the utility costs at bay.

An energy-efficient roof can save you hundreds of dollars annually. Since darker, heat-absorbing roofs heat up to 100 degrees above the outside temperature, this heat can thentransfer to the inside of your home, making the indoor environment intolerable temperature-wise. Ultimately, you end up overworking your air conditioning unit.

Contemporary roofing systems have built-in features that make them energy-efficient. Roof material that’s lighter in color has a better solar reflectance index, which means that it is better able to reject unwanted solar energy and prevent excessive heat from getting absorbed into your home.

Good ventilation in a roofing system also adds to its energy-efficiency. During the days that it’s very hot, a nicely vented roof will prevent the build-up of heat inside your home, thus maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors and lowering the use of air conditioning.

 A roofing system with multiple vents

3. Additional Cost-Saving

A high-performing roof helps cut down on costs for a variety of different things. Take water damage for example. When moisture seeps into your home, so much of your home décor and structural features are impacted. If you’ve got wooden doors, they’re going to bloat up and have trouble properly opening and closing. The paint on your walls too starts to blister and peel when it’s exposed to moisture.

Worst of all, humid environments foster mold growth. Mold can grow on just about anything inside your house, be it your carpets, mattresses, shower curtains, or even inside the humidifiers. In addition to mold, moisture also attracts organisms such as bacteria, cockroaches, and dust mites, all of which can trigger asthmatic symptoms and other respiratory issues in people.

And this is only taking water damage into account. When you have the best quality roof installed over your head, it protects you from all kinds of consequences that result from damage that can be wind-related, heat-related, or water-related. With so many problems being prevented before they even occur, you save so much on routine household maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and even on personal healthcare.

4. Return on Investment

A house with asphalt roofing

When you get a fresh new roof installed, it looks taken care of and works at its full potential. This is how you end up boosting the overall value of your home. Many homeowners choose to get roof maintenance and repairs done before putting their house for resale just so it’s able to sell at an above-market price. Prospective buyers always want to settle for a home that they believe will offer them maximum protection and comfort in the long-run, and a well-kept roofdoes wonders to sell the idea.

Of course, if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, this benefit won’t appeal to you as much. Nevertheless, it’s still a very interesting prospect to consider that with a new roof, your home could sell for $17,000 more, based on the 2021 national average.

At Certified Pro Roofing, our residential roofing services feature roof repairs, roof inspection, and roof installation in Pensacola, Florida. Our team of roofers is made of professionals who have been trained extensively and possess necessary licensing requirements—all of which allows them to expertly handle the most complex of roof replacement projects. Give us a call now!

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