What is TPO Roofing?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply membrane layer used as a roofing material. It has UV reflective characteristics and is water-resistant. It has become the popular roofing choice for businesses and commercial buildings. Ever seen those white and bright roofs across the industrial park? That’s what TPO roofs are. Since it’s a single-ply membrane, only one sheet of it needs to be installed.

What are TPO Roofs Made Of?

One TPO sheet is made of three bonded layers:

  1. Thermoplastic polyolefin base layer
  2. Polyester-reinforced fabric center
  3. Thermoplastic polyolefin top layer

The top and base layer of TPO is made up of ethylene-propylene rubber and manufactured with fillers such as talc, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. The center layer of polyester-reinforced fabric adds up to the flexibility of TPO and makes it easier for it to be rolled out onto the roof.

Benefits of TPO Roofs

Highly Durable

TPO roofs are highly durable. They last longer than any other type of roof. They are resistant to punctures, wear, and tears and easily withstand heavy rainfalls, hurricanes, or storms without any damage. They can also withstand long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun.


You keep putting off replacing your damaged roof and make do with the one you have because of your tight budget. With TPO, you can let go of that worry. TPO is highly cost-effective. It’s worthwhile to invest in it as its installation is easy, and it lasts for a long time.

UV Reflective Membranes

TPO roofs are UV reflective. They keep the heat and UV rays from infiltrating your building and harming your employees. You may have to use air conditioning to balance out the temperature inside. TPO roofs also resist ozone and any kind of chemical exposure.

Environmental Friendly

TPO roofs are environmentally friendly. They don’t have chlorine in them, nor do they have any ingredient that may contain chlorine. They are completely recyclable and reusable. You can recycle old TPO roofs into newer TPO roofs. They’re also energy-efficient, which makes them a better choice overall.

 A commercial building rooftop under construction

Easy to Install

TPO roofs come in wider sheets which makes them easier to install. It’s essential for commercial buildings not to shut down for longer days as it can be bad for business. This makes TPO the ideal choice as it doesn’t take that many days to be installed, and the business doesn’t have to delay reopening for longer periods.

Appealing Aesthetics

Although TPO roofs usually come in white or grey, they have other pre-formulated colors as well. If you’re a commercial property owner looking to go for a color that matches more with the color palette of your business to make it more aesthetic, chances are you can find the TPO roof in the desired color.

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