When you install a roofing system, it’s important to maintain it properly to make it last longer. It can be easy to lose sight of some exterior parts of your house. Experts at Certified Pro Roofing have put together a few tips and tricks to help you maintain your roof.

1. Cleaning the Gutter

Debris, tree leaves, twigs, dirt, etc., can clog the gutters, making it difficult for the water to flow. Stagnant water can lead to leakage issues. If you regularly clean out your gutters, none of these issues will arise.

2. Missing or Broken Shingles

You should check your roof for broken or missing shingles that may be caused by heavy rainfall. While your roof is built to withstand a lot, extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes can still cause damage to it. If the water stands for too long on your roof, it will leak through the shingles and into your house, damaging the interior.

3. Removal of Moss and Mold

It’s important to get rid of moss and mold as soon as you spot it, as it can cause the shingles on your roof to curl. Curled shingles will give way for moisture to penetrate the roofing system and damage it.

4. Trim Trees Back

While having a tree close to your house does add to its aesthetics. It can also be troublesome during storms or hurricanes as the tree limbs or branches will fall off your roof and cause serious damage, which can cause a fatality. You should trim any tree limbs stretching too close to the roof of your house as they can cause a puncture in the shingles.

5. Caulk Around Your Flashing

The flashing around your chimney prevents water from entering your house. It’s advised to replace the caulk at least once a year as it can easily come loose after withstanding a hurricane or heavy rainfall.

 Moss growing on the roof of a house

6. Schedule Yearly Inspection

Professionals recommend scheduling a roof inspection at least twice a year. Professional roof inspectors will proactively point out any issues that may arise. If these issues are not determined and addressed early on, they can lead to unrepairable damages, in which case you may have to replace your roof altogether.

When it comes to residential roofing, you can always trust a professional. All these tips and tricks will surely help you in the long run. But at times, you require professional help. That’s where residential roof contractors at Certified Pro Roofing come in. Our experts are located in Florida and are always ready to provide you with roof repair or inspection services. Reach out to us today!

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