Your roof is built to withstand heavy rainfall and snowstorms, but these weather calamities can cause substantial wear and tear with time. Serious damage can sometimes warrant a roof replacement, but there are times when it only needs to be repaired if you’ve been taking care of it from the get-go. Missing shingles, stagnant water, damaged chimney, clogged gutters, etc., can cause your roof to leak and damage your house’s exterior and interior. After you’ve had your roof repaired for any damages that heavy rainfall might have caused, invest in aftercare if you don’t want your roof deteriorating further.

Yearly Inspection

Experts at Certified Pro Roofing advise that you should have your roof inspected at least twice a year after you’ve had it repaired. Your roof should be inspected, especially after it has weathered a heavy rainfall or a storm. Professional roofers inspect your roof for any missing or broken shingles that may cause a leak.

Maintaining Rooftop Equipment

There’s a complete rooftop system installed on your roof. All the mechanical equipment like solar panels, air-conditioning, skylight, satellite dishes, etc., need to be checked for any damage during the repairing process of your roof. A well-maintained roofing system can protect your exterior walls. If damaged, the exterior of your house will be affected as well.

Removal of Debris

Debris and tree leaves can block the drainage system making it difficult for the water to keep flowing. It’s important to clear out debris, dirt, tree leaves, or branches from the gutter to let the water flow without any hindrance.

Minimizing the Roof Traffic

Minimizing the roof traffic should be a priority. If foot traffic is expected for maintenance purposes, a membrane should be provided for them to walk on. Walkway pads and roof pavers should be laid down for personnel to walk on so the roof’s surface can be protected.

Mold Damage

Regular cleanup after the roof repair will keep the mold away from your roof. There will be no mold buildup, plants, or moss for you to deal with and worry about. You can avoid roof leaks if moss or mold buildup from your roof is cleared out regularly. Maintenance also reduces mildew growth and increases air quality.

Written Documentation

Ask your residential roofing contractor to provide you with written documentation of any previous damage repair and accurate data for roof maintenance so that you can budget out the future maintenance accordingly. It will also help you plan a budget for future roof renovation or replacement if needed.

Routine Mechanics

There are some common routine procedures that you can apply to increase the longevity of a roof repair: Cleaning out the drainage, looking for any flashing damages, and installing new roof equipment carefully so as not to damage the repair.

Broken roof of a house

Being aware of the mechanics of your roof is good. If you require professional help, reach out to us at Certified Pro Roofing in Florida. We also provide financing options for our customer’s ease.

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