Picture this. You wake up in the middle of the night after hearing a thunderous crash and notice a crack in the ceiling. You immediately head outside in shock and realize a giant tree limb fell on your roof. You thank your lucky stars that nobody got hurt and call the best roofers you know to get an emergency roof repair. But once they arrive, you don’t know how to help them. How do you speed up the process of getting your roof repaired?

It might seem far-fetched, but countless people call roofing contractors for emergency roof repairs during extreme weather events in Florida each year.

If you find yourself in this situation, here are three ways to assist the roofing contractors attending your home. 

1. Ensure They Have Parking Space

If you’ve called for an emergency roof repair, your roof must be tended to immediately. Therefore, it’s worth checking that the roofing contractors you’ve called have a clear space to park in once they arrive.

If your car is parked on your driveway, we recommend moving it and parking at your neighbors’ or along the street. This will ensure the roofing contractors have a clear path when they arrive.

2. Remove Clutter Outside Your Home

There’s nothing wrong with having plants or garden ornaments all around your porch or lawn. But if you’re getting an emergency roof repair, these objects will become obstacles that’ll slow down roofing contractors! Therefore, it’s worth removing them while the contractors fix up your roof.

We recommend moving any large objects like plants and outdoor furniture that are underneath your roof’s parapets. It’s also worth picking up any bits of your roof that have fallen off. While you’re removing the clutter, make sure you’re constantly watching your roof so you can move out of the way in case it breaks even further.

3. Be Patient

One of the most important ways to assist roofing contractors during an emergency roof repair is by being patient. Remember—this is an emergency that requires the roofing contractors to follow their standard operating procedures.

If you rush the roofing contractors, your roof won’t be repaired properly. This will lower your home’s energy efficiency as your roof is vital for insulating your home. It’ll also increase the likelihood of water damage if your roof leaks and expose everyone at your home to health problems associated with mold.

 Raindrops hitting a roof

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