lorida is currently home to 21,781,128 people, making it the most populated state in the southeastern United States. Pensacola is a city in Florida with an estimated population of 54,312. It experiences hot, long, and oppressive summers that are often followed by storms that cause immense destruction in the region. The winters here, on the other hand, are fairly mild.

What are Roofs Like in Pensacola, Florida?

Once upon a time, cement and asphalt shingles were a popular choice for homes in this region. But the introduction of metal roofs during the 20th century quickly gained popularity over the formerly mentioned options due to their unsung benefits. Although metal roofs feel modern, they’ve been around since the 1800s.

Metal roofs can be made from different roofing materials, such as steel, stainless steel, tin, zinc, copper, or aluminum, each with its specifications and benefits. For example, zinc is preferred for its longevity, whereas aluminum is for its lightweight and resistance to corrosion. Metal roofing typically appears as large flat sheets that are folded longitudinally. They may appear as shingles or panels (also called sheets) and can mimic the appearance of popular roofing materials such as asphalt, slate, and wood for enhanced curb appeal.

In comparison to other roofing materials, metal roofs offer greater durability.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Metal has become the best roofing material for homes in Pensacola, Florida, due to the following factors:

1. A Greater Lifespan

While asphalt shingles tend to deteriorate, metal roofing enjoys a lifespan of 40 to 70 years on end. Although most roofers can guarantee a metal roof to pull off half a century effortlessly, the continued improvement of materials used in metallic sheets may further increase its expected lifespan.

To improve environmental friendliness, a metal roof can also be recycled entirely to keep it from polluting the surroundings or filling up landfills.

2. Accounts for Little to No Maintenance and Care

Metal roofs are virtually hassle-free, given that they’ve been installed correctly the first time around. Installation can be tricky depending on the size and weight of the metal roofing panels. For this reason, it’s recommended to seek help from a professional roofing contractor in Pensacola, Florida, for new roof installation.

Metal roofing accounts for lesser maintenance post-installation

Many a time, it’s possible for homeowners to install their metal roof over the existing roof (i.e., without removing the previously installed shingles) — this accounts for reduced labor cost and time for removing shingles. However, it’s important to undergo extensive roof inspection before covering it with metallic sheets to ensure you’re not trapping any rodents or moisture in its cracks.

3. Cost and Resale Value

Florida homes with metal roofs sell for a higher value due to their popularity and longevity. In fact, replacing an old roof is one of the most profitable methods of investing in a home. Thus, you can bet on getting a good return on investment even when you’re spending more upfront. These metal roofs are available in a range of aesthetically pleasing designs, making it easy to find the best roof for your house.

In addition, metal roofs can sustain an extreme impact without rusting, cracking, or breaking under pressure. So you can forget about having to spear a few bucks for fixing things every time the high winds come rolling in.

4. Minimal Risks

Metal roofing doesn’t pose a threat in terms of the accumulation of moisture that can destroy the interiors of a house. Apart from being impact resistant, metal roofs are also fire resistant. Although metal roofs tend to get loud, it’s possible to cancel out this noise using insulation and other soundproofing methods. It can also stand up against adverse weather conditions such as extreme winds, hurricanes, and tropical storms — a common occurrence in Florida.

5. Contributes to Energy Saving

Because Florida experiences warm climates throughout the year, metal roofing makes for the perfect fit as it stays cool despite the warm weather. This is because metal can reflect most of the ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun and prohibit heat transfer from the top of the building structure through its highly reflective roof pigment coating. Metal roofing can help you save on electricity consumption bills. They’re also good hosts for solar panels as they can be installed on top of the metal roof to gather solar energy.

These metal roofings aren’t too bad for the winters either — the material naturally prohibits the accumulation of precipitation that causes water damage and other associated roofing problems in the event of rain or snowfall.

Metal roofs may have an expensive upfront, but the one-time cost beats all the other roofing materials in terms of longevity

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