Fixing a leaky roof is about as must difficult as evaluating where exactly it is! Since the extent of the roof leak can directly affect the longevity of your property or home, fixing them is also very challenging and requires immaculate attention to detail, expertise, experience, and knowledge about roofing solutions.

It is best if you inspect your roof regularly and find the area of leakage as soon as it starts to leak. Otherwise, the situation may get worse and cause further damage to your property as well. Remember that, if the roof leakage is major, you won’t be able to repair it yourself. So, instead of trying to fix it on your own, seek assistance from a professional roofer or an experienced roofing company.

How You Can Find a Roof Leak

If you think that your roof has started to leak from a point or two, look for the roof areas that are abnormally higher than the rest of the roof, and check if there are any holes or cracks or any other physical damage.

Remember that most of the roof leak issues stem up from the plumbing areas, dormers, chimneys, or roof vents. However, you can’t neglect other areas as well, when inspecting it for such issues.

Once you inspect the roof in detail, you can move forward to the next step of the process. Closely inspect the attic. Try to take some time out for attic inspection during the day (when it’s brighter) and check for any damp areas, marks or discoloration using your mobile torch. While inspection, try to stay on a safe framing and don’t stand on the top of the ceiling or the insulation.

Find the Leak Source

Often the leak spots are away from the leak itself and therefore finding the exact leak source is an integral part of the overall roof inspection process. As you may already know, the actual leak point, from where the water enters a roof lies higher on the roof plain. For instance, most roof leaks travel down from the sheathing or rafters and only start dripping when they find the right spot. When you finally spot the dripping water, it’s usually already too late!

So, if you’re finding the roof leakage source, don’t forget that water generally enters through broken or cracked shingles or missed ones or the ones that aren’t properly sealed. It also enters through skylights, flashings surrounding the chimneys of the junction of planes.

Fixing the Leak

While it’s important to repair your roof from the outside, if you don’t have the necessary equipment, pay attention to what you can do to stop the problem from causing further damage.

After identifying the leak source, use some additional shingles or plywood to patch it. After repairing or after you craft a temporary patch, make sure that they’re working by monitoring the roof leaks regularly. Try seeking help from a professional as they will help you find and use the right equipment, suitable for the job.

What You Can Do

Repairing the roof, yourself, may sound intimidating at first, but if you research well and learn about the fundamental roof repair tools, doing negligible roof repairs won’t be as much of a challenge. However, if you have a height phobia or don’t feel comfortable working from a greater height it’s better to call a professional for these services as well.

Often roof leaks are also caused because of the frosty nails that lie between the rooftop and plastic insulation. When the temperature increases their frost starts melting out and spills on the ceiling or the roof’s base. To stop these nails from collecting more moisture clip them.

If you see leaks on the metal or plastic covering around the plumbing lines, you simply need to replace your piping boot with a new one.

If you notice cracks or leaks in the dormers or walls, because of damaged sealant, try using a spackle knife to dig around the damaged portion and once you find the spots, add fillers to seal it and wait for when you can call an expert to contain the damage. That being said, don’t forget that using fillers to seal holes isn’t a long-term solution, and sooner or later you’ll have to call an expert to fix the damage.

Roof Leak Action Plan

Whether you experienced a hurricane in your area or a wind storm, they can cause create roof leaks. Here’s what you should do under these circumstances.

  • Try reducing the interior damage by evacuating your assets, people, and other important supplies.
  • Find problem areas, mark the entry points and contact a roofing company for help.
  • If your roof is warranted, from the roofing manufacturer inform them about the damage first.

Why Shouldn’t You Wait   

damaged rooftop

On the roof’s inner part check if there’s a sagging area, a dark spot, or a crack. Similarly, you need to look for clogged gutter, wear around the vents or chimneys, or damaged shingles.

If your roof is relatively new i.e. 15 years older, you don’t need a full replacement. If not, you should get a professional roof repair situation, otherwise, the damage can increase and cause structural erosion.

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