Roof emergencies may not be prevented 100% but having a plan in place helps. When an issue arises, a roofing emergency action plan can go a long way to minimize the repairs your roof might need.

Emergency repairs are inevitable, but when they do happen, homeowners or building owners can handle them efficiently. Failing to make a plan forces delays and excess costs of repairs. Stay safe and plan!

Emergency Action Plan: Essential Roof Management

Mother nature doesn’t follow a set schedule ergo, any natural disaster can happen at any time. Even if you are aware of it coming, there’s only so much that you’ll be able to do. Damages are inevitable. One aspect of your house that’s prone to damage is the roof.

Roofs are subject to natural elements or debris. They can also develop leaks and flaws due to poor maintenance. As a homeowner, you should frequently check the maintenance of your roof. In addition, no emergency should be unexpected.

People have died due to collapsed roofs because there was no emergency plan was in place. Also, without plans getting to roof repairs may be put off, which can increase the chances of compromised safety further.

rust shingles on a properly maintained roof

Roofing Emergency Action Plan: What to Add

When dealing with a roofing emergency, you should have a plan of action to address any roof issue that may arise. The action plan for a roof emergency is an integral part of roof management.

People tend to panic in emergencies and may forget a verbal plan they had made. Having a concrete emergency action plan is the first step for roofing emergencies.

· A Visual Inspection

You can’t make an emergency action plan without a proper evaluation of your roof’s current condition. If there are apparent damages or flaws in your roof, they’ll be exacerbated if the roof is hit with debris or natural disaster.

You should also check your roof after a storm passes to see the extent of the damage. Be sure to check from the ground and away from any downed lines. You might notice missing or broken shingles and other signs.

Also, check for signs of roof leaks from inside the home and other water damage on the ceiling. Take note of all the roof problems and get them repaired promptly. Make sure you and your family are somewhere else at the time of repairs.

· Contact An Insurance Agent

Always keep your insurance agent’s number handy to avoid stress in an emergency and contact them to start a claim process when a storm or another problem damages your roof.

Your insurance agent will help answer questions about filing a claim and determine if roof repairs are covered in the policy or not. When a storm passes, begin the claim process immediately, along with an assessment to get the repair costs if it’s included.

Always read the fine print in your policy. This will tell you what your deductible is and what the policy covers. Take clear pictures and document any damages to get compensation if you have homeowners’ insurance.

If the repairs are ongoing and you must relocate to a hotel or another temporary residence in the meantime, keep the receipts for the temporary living arrangements. This is needed when filing a claim.

damaged roof

· Contact Local Roofers

A common mistake many people make is thinking they can fix their roofs themselves. Sure, The Home Depot is great if you’re getting trying out woodwork or crafting, but some things are better left to the professionals.

The most crucial step of a roof emergency plan is getting a professional roofing inspection. Routine inspection and maintenance will help identify any weak areas that you might have missed yourself. You can also better mitigate

· Schedule Repairs

It’s best to always start roof repairs promptly. Contact your insurance provider and roof repair service to deal with pressing issues. Working with professionals makes this process not only safer but less stressful for you.

You don’t need to wait until there is a storm and there is major damage to the roof to fix it. Routine inspections and maintenance will keep it well.

Metallic Roof

· Keep Records of Emergency Work

Document and catalog emergency work as well. Due to the nature of some emergencies, the repair process needs to be accelerated. Photographing and documenting will help identify if anything was missed if the emergency repairs were done quickly.

· Do Preventive Maintenance

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. You can mitigate the damages to your roof if it’s in good condition. Regular maintenance helps address potential problems before they become big emergencies.

roof in a storm

The Bottom Line

Regular maintenance is imperative in proper roof management. You can only protect the roof from unnecessary damages with planning and maintenance. It can also save you from costly roofing anomalies.

Fortunately, you can predict most emergencies if you know your building’s structure, location, and age.

Regardless of how well you know the building, hiring roofing contractors can help recognize weak areas you might have missed. It’ll help you plan better as well.

Protect Your Roof with Professional Help

Making a roofing emergency action plan is vital to keeping yourself and your loved ones living under that roof safe. However, no matter how much planning goes into it, damages are a possibility. Bring your roof back to its former glory. Since it’s such a crucial part of your home, hiring the right professional roof repair services is vital.

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