Every aspect of your home’s exterior contributes to its overall beauty and appeal. From the garden to the porch to the roof, everything has to match the property’s theme. When homeowners update their house’s look as per trends, they should also readjust all these components. If you have recently renovated your home, you should consider investing in a new and trending roof design. Here are some of these design ideas as suggested by the best roofers in Pensacola.

1. Butterfly

This design combines two opposing slopes to create a mesmerizing butterfly-like look on the roof. You can use numerous materials to build this design, including metal. Roofing contractors of Pensacola, FL, can provide you with some great options to pair this roof style with the overall theme of your residential exterior.

2. Patio Roofs

To maximize the visual appeal of your home, you can also invest in a separate roof for your patio. The dimensions, as well as the design of this roof, depend on the patio area your property offers. It adds a unique element of sophistication to your vacation home or out-of-town residence. Here are some creative suggestions you can choose from:

a) Sloping Roof

In addition to your main roof, you can also add a small roof to your patio. It can enhance the space in the outdoor area and create an inviting space for your house guests.

b) Glass Roof

If you want to go for something extravagant, you can combine a metal roof frame with glass fitted within. This roof design is perfect for homeowners who frequently host evening parties.

c) Detached Patio Roof

Instead of building your patio roof attached to the main structure, you can choose a separate design. Pensacola roofing contractors recommend using metal to execute this idea to perfection.

 Analyzing a porch roof

3. Roof Designs for the Porch  

You can extend the roofing structure of your home to the porch and make for a lively outdoor space. Here are some popular designs used for porch roofing companies in FL.

a) An Extension

You can extend your main roof’s color scheme and design theme onto your front or back porch. Paired with white beams or pillars, this roof can give your property an ultimately fascinating look.

b) Wooden Roof

If you want to create a rustic look in your front or back yard, you can choose a wooden porch roof, along with wooden or concrete supportive beams.

c) Flat Roof

A sloping main roof makes an amazing contrast with a flat roof over the front or back porch. It also makes roof maintenance easier throughout the year because of the accessible structure.

4. Garage Roof

Garage roofs are often built to utilize the external space optimally. Homeowners commonly choose flat designs for these roofs to create a minimal appeal. You can also pair a sloping garage roof with the slopes of your main roof. The material of this roof should be chosen carefully, so it does not divert attention from your main roofing design.

5. Shed Designs

A shed roof is among the most popular choices for country homes and farmhouses. The entire structure of this roof is supported by a central beam. It can be used to cover up the entire property or just the front porch. Wood, metal, and glass can all be incorporated into this roofing design to maximize the visual appeal.

6. Gable Designs

A gable design comprises complementing slopes that can be paired in various ways. The middle part of the roof can be made flat, while each side has separate steep ‘A’-shaped roofing components. This idea suits single-story homes just as well as it does multiple-story property. You can amplify the beauty of this type of roof by adding a subtle sloping shed t your front porch. Local roofing companies of Pensacola, FL, advise using solid colors for gable roofs to get the ideal finish.

A contemporary roof design

7. Flat Roofs

Modern home designs are defying all previous standards set in the home architecture industry. An example of this trend shift is the rising popularity of flat roofs in Pensacola. This structure unifies the roof with the cubic shape of a property. There are no restrictions for color choices when it comes to flat roofs. Homeowners go for solid, white, and bold shades to paint their flat roofs. It’s built with concrete in most cases, but metal may be used in outhouses and vacation houses with flat roofs.

9. Modern Gable

The conventional gable design has been altered to fit the tastes of modern homeowners. These hip and contemporary gable roofs have relatively flat slopes and give homes a chic look. Property owners looking for a subtle yet sophisticated roof design should choose this option for their next roof installation in Pensacola, FL.

9. Contrasting Shapes

Modern homeowners have let their creativity run wild when it comes to choosing new roof installation designs. Some homes combine flat surfaces, subtle gables, and curved structures to make up a unique roof. Most of these ideas are executed using a combination of steel and concrete, but wood can also be used for a solid finish.

10. Natural Roofs

This roof design idea trumps all others for lovers of nature and greenery. The top part of your roof can be covered in grass or other forms of plants and showcase your love for nature. Flat roofs are ideally used to apply this idea and painted with bold colors.

11. Deck Roofs

Deck roofs can be built using various materials, including wood, metals, and concrete. When paired with the right kind of lighting, it can accentuate the external beauty of any modern home in Pensacola, FL.

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