A majority of people don’t give much thought to the condition of their roofs before installing solar panels, because it starts leaking or the shingles and tiles become cracked, only after short-term use.

However, if you plan to install solar panels on your roof, you should remember it it’s a costly investment, and to make the most of it, you first need to inspect your roof for any damage. Here’s why.

Prevent Future Problems and Financial Losses

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A majority of solar companies don’t conduct roof inspections before starting the solar project execution. Especially, the big names in this industry only pay attention to the details regarding solar panels and their installation. If you’re acquiring solar panel installation services, conduct a robust and in-depth roof inspection. You can also call your roof inspector to collaborate with the solar installer and work together. Otherwise, you’ll have to encounter bigger problems in the future.

A damaged roof doesn’t always leak or crack. So, if you think your roof doesn’t show any signs of damage, it doesn’t mean, there are no problems with the roof. Often, roof damages come to light, after you install solar panels. For instance, it may crack if you have people walking around your roof, while there are heavy solar panels already there. A roof inspection will help you avoid these circumstances.

Similarly, if your roof starts leaking from a certain area, after solar panel installation, you’ll have to remove some solar panels which will eventually result in massive financial loss.

Your Roof Has Gotten Old!

How old is your roof? Before the installation of solar panels, never forget considering its age. A roof’s average lifespan is estimated to be fifteen to thirty years. However, solar panels can last for more than 25 years!

If your roof is nearing its expiry, it must have problems that may not be apparent. Don’t invest your savings in solar panel installation, if you don’t want to encounter any financial losses in the future. Consider tiling roofs or install asphalt shingles if you think your roof doesn’t have an adequate ventilation or insulation system.

Tile Deterioration

Although tiles have a long lifespan, there’s a vapor barrier under them that doesn’t last forever. Since it’s not always warranted, keeping a check is solely your responsibility. If the vapor barrier starts drying out, it may tear; leading to a leak when the pressure is increased due to the installation of heavy solar panels.

Roof Deterioration

If you’re installing solar panels on your roof, then we can safely assume that it continually comes in contact with direct sun rays. While sun rays are critical for solar energy production, they make asphalt composition shingle, dry. Prolonged contact of asphalt shingles with direct sunlight makes them brittle. As a result of this flakiness, they crack easily during the solar panel installation, which eventually leads to more leaks. If you don’t want to save your money for better purposes, don’t forget to inspect your roof for these details.

Roof Inspection: Professional or DIY?

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Roof inspections help you determine the integrity of your roof, its longevity and learn about its problematic areas so you can get it repaired or replaced. If you don’t conduct roof inspections periodically, it may result in leaks and cracks, and several other serious problems. According to  National Roofing Contractors Association, you should conduct roof inspections, twice every year in fall and spring and after major weather incidents.

You should inspect your roof, yourself to ensure there’s no debris lying around, no moss, lichen, or algae, curling or breaking shingles, or moisture on attic or rafters. If you find some problems like debris, loose shingles, or unclogging gutter, you can hopefully repair these things yourself.

If, however, you notice bigger issues like missing shingles, cracked flashing or you need to install solar panels, call a professional and experienced roofing company that can spot the underlining issues in your attic and roof and offer you cost-effective roof repair and maintenance solutions.

Need Help?

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At Certified Pro Roofing we firmly believe that a roof is the backbone of a house that provides it the structural support and keeps the house together. If you don’t have a proper roof, lighting, electrical wiring, and even your home’s interior designing would become a big hassle. Today, there are also several roofing options to help people protect themselves from harsh weather. A majority of people today, are installing solar panels in their homes to reduce their electricity bills. Installing solar panels doesn’t offer you financial profitability but considering the dramatic weather changes worldwide, it’s also very important for the earth. Whether you want to acquire roof inspection services for the safe installation of solar panels at your roof or you’re looking for a company that could conduct a routine inspection to help you ensure its longevity, we can help. We employ cutting-edge technology to help you make your roof aesthetically appealing, strong, and functional. Investing in roof repair and installing solar panels would also help you increase your home value and resell it at a decent price. Leaky roofs result in greater power loss and higher electricity bills. Panel installation on damaged roofs can potentially result in leaks and cracks. If you don’t want to face such problems, consider repairing them before the damage gets out of your hands.

If you need a reliable and professional assessment report on the condition of your roof, with ideas on how you can repair and, get in touch with our roofing contractors at Certified Pro Roofing. At Certified Pro Roofing, we offer roof installation, roof repair, and roof inspection services to our clients at affordable prices.

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