The roofing industry in the U.S. is worth over $50 billion. Over time, with more real estate development, roofing companies are expected to grow concurrently. Due to the huge demand for roofing services, many inexperienced roofers have started to cash in. At the same time, many homeowners also attempt roofing jobs on their own as they find it a more affordable option.

As a result, 90 percent of roof projects end up with complete roof replacement. This is because as one of the most important structural elements of the house, a poorly constructed roof poses a great threat to the residents.

If you want to ensure the safety of your family and property, don’t make these five common mistakes when it comes to roofing.

Five Common Roofing Mistakes

Here are roofing mistakes that you should always avoid:

Inviting Storm Chasers

You must have seen after the heavy rains in Florida, many self-claimed roofing experts knock on your door. Most of these roofing companies are scammers visiting from other towns, looking to cash in on the havoc created by the storm. Offering temptingly low prices and making far-fetched promises, these storm chasers are nothing but a danger to your roof. Always hire a local, well-known roofing company for all your roofing needs.

Cutting Corners

Another common mistake homeowners make is investing in low-quality roofing materials. This is because homeowners looking for affordable options consider the costs of material and not the value of it. What you may not know is that the more you spend on roofing quality, the longer your roof will last. You can also opt for financing options provided by reliable roofers to get the best job done affordably.

Short-Term Fixes

An inexperienced and shady roofing contractor will be more than happy to do a patch-up job for you. This is that instead of tearing off the shingles and replacing them, they might just stick shingles on top of the existing ones. Another short-term fix is to throw some sealant and attempt to hide the broken flashing. Both these mistakes reduce the life of your roofing deck.

Pigeons sitting on an old roof

Not Looking into Laws

Most states like Florida have clear guidelines and laws regarding home renovations. Homeowners who attempt DIY roof jobs or hire inexperienced contractors, do not take these laws into account. This mistake can result in legal penalties and damage to your property. Always hire an experienced roofer who’s well aware of the local laws.

DIY Temptation

Do-it-yourself may be a great idea if you’re handy with tools. You may have built some furniture or a treehouse for the kids. However, roof installation is a job best left to professionals. Attempting to do it yourself can result in safety hazards, improper roof installation, and eventual damage to property.

If you don’t want to end up with legal issues, financial losses, and damage to your house, always hire reliable roofing contractors like Certified Pro Roofing. Contact us today for emergency roof repair, roof inspection, and roof installation in Pensacola.

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