If you are a resident of Florida, you must be accustomed to the extreme weather conditions. While snow isn’t a norm here, storms, hurricanes, and heavy rains are usual for us. In such a climate, protecting your roof from damages and leaks may not always be possible.

So if you have gotten caught up in a roof leak, don’t panic. Take a look at these six steps and learn what to do when you find your roof pouringrain inside the house.

If it’s raining outside and unfortunately inside, here’s what you need to do.

Call for Professional Help

See water dripping through the roof? Is there a stain running down the wall? Or the ceiling is bulging as if it’s filled with water? It’s time to call a roofing contractor immediately. Now while there are over 7,500 roofers in Florida, finding the best roofer in Pensacola may be challenging during rain season. So hold tight as you await a reliable roofing service.

Remove the Furniture

The next step while you wait for the roofer is to rearrange your furniture. Ideally, you should remove furniture and valuables from the affected area completely and empty the room. If there’s a leak in more than one spot, do the next step.

Waterproof the Area

Use waterproofing materials like a tarp and covering sheets to waterproof the area. If there’s some water already pooled up on the floor, mop it thoroughly. This is to ensure that moisture isn’t trapped inside the house. You can also cover your furniture with a tarp if removing it is not possible.

Cropped photo of a woman mopping floor

Set Up Some Buckets

You can never be too sure about the containment of water. So the next step is to bring some buckets and place them underneath the leaky roof. Make sure to keep an eye on the bucket and empty it quickly once it’s close to filling up.

Inspect the Roof

Once you have controlled the initial damage, head out to inspect the roof. Be careful to do this only if it has stopped raining outside. Take a ladder and climb up the roof to find signs of damage and penetration. You can also check the attic to see how much the roof deck is damaged. You may also want to check the electrical lines at this point.

Find the Source

You may find the water penetration quite farther away from where your roof is leaking inside. This is because the water may penetrate through one point but travels around the roof membrane. It only leaks where it finds a vulnerable spot. This could be a drywall, a poorly installed vent, or old cement patch. You may not be able to find the leak source but a professional roofing contractor can.

We at Certified Pro Roofing offer emergency roof repairs in Pensacola, Florida. If you have a roof leak that needs immediate attention, call us for roof inspection and roofing services.

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