Roof leaks are one of the worst roof issues homeowners have to deal with. And this is because they’re always connected to other minor issues with the roof’s condition.

Moreover, roof leaks can be highly inconvenient depending on where they’re located. They can cause diseases and fires and eventually lead to significant structural damage.

This is primarily why the sooner you detect roof leaks and call for an emergency roof repair, the better.

Here are some signs to look out for.

Water Stains on Ceilings

This is an undeniable sign of a leaky roof. It could be a large puddle-like stain on one of the ceilings, but it can be less visible at times.

For example, the stain could be in a dark corner of the attic, or the stains could be too small to be obvious—but the leak could still be a larger problem. Generally, you can look for discolorations, mold, or moisture on your walls and ceilings. These are all signs of leaks.

Curling Shingles

If you keep a close eye on your roof, you might be able to catch a leak early on. The shingles are easily damaged by water, and if there is water getting through the shingles, they’re probably being damaged.

See if they’ve buckled or curled upward or downward. This is usually caused by a problem with roof installation.

Moss on Exterior Walls

While, of course, your home’s interior is going to be affected significantly by the leaks, the exterior isn’t going to remain safe either.

You should check the exterior walls and look for fungi, moss, or mold. These all grow in moist conditions. So, if a leaky roof is letting water inside the walls, it’s going to show up on the outside as well.

Pro-Tip: Look at the walls that are most exposed to the sun. If they have moss, it’s definitely a leaky roof.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is there to protect the many joints and corners in your roof. These are the weaker points of the structure and need extra support and protection since they are easily affected by leaks.

If the flashing in these areas is loose, or there are cracks and splits, it’s probably due to leaks.


This is a tell-tale sign of a roof leaking. If there’s drippage, your roof is obviously leaking—one of the first places you should check for dripping in the attic.

Also, keep an ear out for dripping sounds coming from the walls of the home, or check if the roof deck is wet—all of these points toward a roof leak that needs to be repaired.

Once you discover the leak or leaks, you can’t sit around and wait for the problem to get worse. No matter how small the leak seems to you, it’s best to get a roof inspection to see the level of damage and the repairs required.

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