Are you one of those homeowners who end up replacing their roofs every year or so? You don’t have to.

Roof replacements are terribly expensive, and they are designed to ideally last several years or, in fact, decades. But if your roof doesn’t last more than a year, you’re doing something wrong, and we’re guessing it’s maintenance.

With regular roof inspections and minimal everyday maintenance, your roof can last its entire life span and can even outlive its supposed life cycle.

Here are some dos and don’ts you can follow as you clean the roof this Spring.

DO: Clean the Gutters

If you really want to do something with your roof on your own, you should clean the rain gutters. The gutters can usually get clogged easily with leaves, sticks, debris, branches, and even birds’ nests. This will cause the rainwater to pool on the roof, deteriorating its condition.

So, make sure to clean the gutters regularly.

DON’T: Ignore Broken Shingles and Leaks

A single broken part in a roof will lead to further damage. So, if you notice a broken shingle or if your roof is leaking, get professional roofers on board right away.

Also, don’t try to DIY these repairs no matter how simple they seem. You could end up making the problem worse and would be paying for a replacement instead of minor repairs.

DO: Trim Surrounding Trees

It’s great to have greenery around the house, but we can bet your roof isn’t a massive fan of all those trees you’ve grown close to it.

Tall trees can often become a hazard for your roof during rough weather. Branches may fall and damage the roof, or at times, even the entire tree could fall, causing irreparable damage. Also, those gutters you’ve cleaned so carefully could end up getting clogged again with small twigs and leaves. So, it’s best to trim and prune the trees close to the roof.

DON’T: Power Wash the Roof

You may think power washing the shingles is a great idea to get the roof in a brand-new condition, but that would be a mistake.

Your roof is made up of several different components put together, including shingles made of asphalt granules. The pressure from power washing would instantly blast away the strong but sensitive structure.

DO: Invest in Regular Roof Inspections

Your roof is a significant investment, and you need to treat it as such. This is why it’s essential to understand that leaks aren’t the only issue you’ll face with roofs. In fact, leaks usually have underlying causes that are minor issues in the roof that build up and eventually result in leaks.

Regular inspections can help you detect the issues early on and save you from costly repairs and replacements.

Also, Spring is one of the best times for roof maintenance, so reach out to us at Certified Pro Roofing today to have your roof inspected.

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