Are you worried about your roof’s lifespan? Well, you’re not alone! Roofs are a one-time investment that can last up to 20 to 30 years and more if maintained well.

We’ve made roof maintenance simple for homeowners by preparing this roof maintenance checklist. Read on to learn more.

Interior Signs of Roof Problems

Examine the interior structure of the roof for evidence of water damage, such as mold, mildew, drips and leaks, water stains, and peeling paint, before going to the roof. If you locate any, be extra cautious when inspecting the roof. Keep in mind that leaks can spread sideways through a structure, so the source of the damage may not be obvious.

You should also inspect trusses and beams for signs of structural stress, such as cracking, rot, or rust. This is especially important if you live in an area with a lot of snow or if you have a roof that carries a lot of heavy machinery.

Keep an Eye on Your Shingles

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One of the most important roof maintenance tips is to keep an eye on the roof shingles. Your roof shingles are exposed to various weather conditions such as wind, rain, the sun’s UV rays, and more. These weather conditions can harm your shingles and cause them to wither. As a result, a regular and thorough shingle examination at least once a year is essential. Moreover, it’s always best to inspect the rest of the roof to spot any additional damages or repairs.

After inspection, if you spot any damaged or missing shingles, don’t wait; you need to get them repaired or replaced immediately. By doing so, you can easily protect your roof from further damage and costly repairs. In addition, make sure you keep the roof neat by trimming any tree branches that may be around it while clearing out any twigs, leaves, or debris lying around.

Homeowners may often wonder how to inspect their roof shingles since they don’t have a ladder or other equipment. Well, don’t stress about it! If you’re unable to inspect your roof shingles yourself, no worries; you can reach out to a professional local roofing company to inspect the damage.

Clean Up Debris

Undoubtedly, regular roof maintenance can be beneficial for the long run and help you save up on roof replacement and repair costs drastically. If there’s one tip that can help keep your roof maintained, it‘s cleaning up the debris. Therefore, make sure you regularly clear your roof. For instance, get rid of any branches, leaves, and other debris you spot on your roof.

However, many homeowners go overboard and start using a power washer to clean their roofs. That’s a big NO! By doing so, you’ll only cause quicker roof damage. It’s better to use a leaf blower and a broom to clear it all up. If you’re still not satisfied with the cleaning, you can always hire a roofing contractor for advice or roofing services.

Clean the Gutters Too

Gutters play an important role in roof maintenance, and one wrong move could lead to pricey roof repairs. Over time, leaves and other debris can clog the gutters, restricting them from keeping the water away from your property’s foundation. This might be disastrous and can cost far more to fix than purchasing a ladder, gloves, and a trowel to clear out the debris.

Moreover, the worst part is the clogging can cause the water to ooze onto your roof and damage it. That’s one of the main reasons why professionals tend to pay much heed to gutters and downspouts. Therefore, clean your gutters and downspouts twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall to extend your roof’s lifespan.

Eliminate Unwanted Moss

A roof with organic growth

With time, your roof starts developing organic growth such as algae, moss, and more. You might think that they’re not harmful, but that’s not the case!

Sure, a bit of algae on your roof is fine and can easily be cleaned up with some bleach and water. But if you spot moss, then you’re in for a bigger problem. If you want to keep your roof maintained, getting rid of the moss should be your priority.

Moss can attract moisture, eventually deteriorating your roof. This is a common occurrence since most homeowners don’t deal with this organic growth during maintenance. As a result, their roof dies much quicker than it’s supposed to.

So, clean your roof with a cleaning solution regularly, and use zinc- or copper-coated sheet metal on the top section of each side of your roof. Rain transports metal nanoparticles down the roof, preventing moss, lichens, algae, and other plants from growing a home on your roof. Moreover, you can also opt for roofing materials that don’t support such growth.

Prune Trees

Sure, UV rays can be harmful to your roof, but when the sunlight hits your roof, you can prevent unwanted organic growth, such as moss and algae. So, it’s vital to prune the trees to maintain your roof. In addition, long tree limbs can damage your shingles, especially if you live in a state with strong winds or extreme weather.

Moreover, long, hanging branches can also make room for insects and rodents on your roof where they can wreak havoc. So, it’s best to keep these branches at a safe distance of 10 feet.

Check the Chimney

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Are you looking for roof maintenance tips? Well, you’ll be surprised to know how important this point is. You need to regularly examine your chimney for any damages, cracks, or missing mortar bits. This is crucial since a damaged chimney can cause the bricks to fall out, affecting your roof’s structure.

Old Repairs

Previous repairs are frequently the first to fail, particularly if they aren’t done by experienced roof contractors. On your roof maintenance checklist, segregate each repair so that future inspectors know what to look for. Double-check that the prior problem has been resolved and that everything is still working properly.

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