The pandemic has truly changed how we live, and we’re all much more cautious about every action we take. Moreover, we make sure we keep ourselves and others safe at all times by following the SOPs. In such circumstances, we’re afraid of following our usual routines, but there are some things we can’t avoid, like roofing services.

Common question homeowners are worried about if roof repairs or replacements are possible during COVID-19. You’ll be surprised to know the answer is yes. If you’re wondering how, let’s find out right away.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Roof Repair or Replacement?

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We understand how risky roof repairs and replacements may seem in the pandemic, but avoiding or delaying them can be extremely harmful. The roof protects your home from external elements. The worst part of roof repairs is the damage can exceed over time and wreak havoc, which is why you need to get immediate repairs to minimize serious damage, such as visible or invisible water damage, mold, or continuous leaks.

Moreover, before getting a roof repair or replacement in the pandemic, it’s best to contact your roofing contractor and inquire about the safety protocols. This includes how they’re maintaining SOPs, disinfecting their tools, equipment, and more. Having said that, most roofing companies are following their protocols but generally, they’re liable to follow protocols outlined by a governmental organization such as:

As mentioned above, the safety measures can depend on the roofing company you pick, but they must follow these too:

  • Compliance with Recommendations from Health and Safety Organizations: CDC and WHO recommend unwell individuals should refrain from going to work and stay at home. Roofing professional should abide by this and avoid visiting their client if they’re unwell.
  • Social Distancing: When out in public, individuals need to maintain a distance of 6 feet as instructed by CDC. Luckily roofing repairs and replacements don’t entail direct contact with the workers since they’ll usually be working outside your home. However, if interior repairs are needed, they might need to inspect your attic. So, you can always contact your roofing contractor to draw up some guidelines.
  • Digital Transactions: Using digital transactions and invoices to pay for your roofing contractor’s services reduces face-to-face contact during estimates, roofing work, and other inspections.

Don’t forget to ask about their financing options since due to the pandemic companies such as Certified Pro Roofing is offering financing options for their clients. At the end of the day, the safety measures depend completely on the roofing company you hire. So, make sure you hire an experienced roofing company.

How to Hire a Roofing Contractor without Meeting In-Person

Considering the havoc Coronavirus is causing, it’s safe to say we’re all looking for ways to keep in-person interactions to the minimum, and roofing services aren’t any different. But the question that arises is how to hire a roofing contractor without meeting them physically? It sounds quite impossible. Well, not anymore! We’ve made things simpler by the following guide through which you can find, hire, and work with a roofing company without any COVID-19 scares.

Look for Roofing Companies

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The simplest way to find a list of roofing companies is by browsing the internet. Look up roofing companies in Pensacola, Fl, on Google, to explore every company. To get a better understanding of how good the company is, visit their website and have a thorough look at it.

Moreover, look for reviews, services, and prices to make the best choice. Don’t forget to check their website for any COVID-19 guidelines.

Get in Touch with Them

Now, that you’ve checked out some roofing companies and found the one you’re interested in, the next step is contacting them. It’s always best to get in touch with them virtually through email, text, call, or maybe a Zoom meeting, whatever suits you best.

Ask the Right Questions

The most important part is your appointment. Since this is a virtual appointment, it’s vital to ask the right questions and to clear out any confusions. Therefore, make sure you ask the roofing company about the quotes and costs and have a detailed conversation about the repair or replacement process. Remember, this appointment needs to have all the right information to help your decision process.

Provide Your Roof Measurements

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After your appointment with the roofing company, the company will ask for your roof’s measurements to offer an estimate or quote. You can easily give your roof measurements to the company, so they don’t have to drop in to do so. Or you can also schedule a visit with the right precautions and SOPs to keep your family safe.

In addition, you can provide photographs or videos of roof damage or repair areas to your roofing contractor through your preferred medium, if necessary. Make sure you only capture from the ground or a nearby window. A direct roof examination is never recommended for the safety of the homeowner.

The Roofing Company Will Offer an Estimate

After the contractors have successfully obtained all the information needed, they’ll get back to you with an estimate or quote. Most companies such as Certified Pro Roofing offer a free quote for their clients with immediate responses too.

After receiving the estimate, you can easily finalize the paperwork, payment, and schedule when the repairs or replacement begin. Luckily, all of this can be easily done virtually.


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