Whether your roof has received damages due to a natural disaster or it has worn out from old age, you should never delay a roof installation. However, covering the costs of a new roof is a major investment that many home owners may be reluctant to make.

Luckily, professional roofing contractors like us, provide financing options that can help lower the costs of a new roof installation. Knowing these options will help you avoid unfavorable loans and credit card debt.

Let’s discuss some creative ways you can pay for your new roof installation in Florida affordably.

Roofing Company Financing Options

Renowned roofing companies like us offer financing options that allow payments over time. These are budget-friendly options that ensure that you aren’t facing a heavy financial burden and the contractor gets paid timely.

With financing options, the company will charge interest in the financing plan. In some instances, working directly with a roofing contractor can save you a lot of money.However, it’s important to realize that if you have a poor credit history, getting financial assistance from a roofing contractor may not be the best action.

Government Grants for Lower Roof Costs

When you’re looking for creative ways to lower your roofing costs, government grants are the most effective way of doing it. A significant advantage of government grants is that don’t need to pay anything back.

Several government grants can help you pay for any improvement or roof repair costs as well. Some of the famous US government grants include the Single-Family Housing Repair Loan and Grants, The Housing Preservation Grant, and Weatherization Assistance Program. However, you need to contact a local Florida contractor to learn about specific requirements and details regarding government grants.

Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans have stable monthly payments with fixed interest rates. This makes them a great way to pay for roof installation or anyother repairs. You can also customize the payments to stretch out the loan to as many years as you want.

However, before you decide anything you must also know the cons of home equity loans. A major disadvantage of this loan is that you’ll need to maintain a steady payment schedule. If you end up defaulting on a loan payment, the bank may foreclose your property.

A bird’s eye view of residential roofs.

There are many ways to lower your new roof installation costs in Florida but you need to consult a professional roofing company to clearly understand your options.

Certified Pro Roofing has been in Florida’s roofing industry for years and we have helped several clients finance their roofing projects. Besides flexible financial options, we also provide roof inspection, leak repair, maintenance, emergency roofing services, and more. Get in touch today to learn more about our services and how our financing options can help.

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