Metal roofs have become a popular option in Florida because of the various benefits that are associated with them. They have greater wind and fire resistance, lower roof maintenance costs, and a long lifespan, among many other benefits.

Perhaps the only drawback of getting a metal roof installation is the initial installation cost—but that’s easily outweighed by its longevity. What’s more, with fewer roof repairs you can save a lot of money in the long run. Let’s discuss a few reasons why metal roofing is a suitable choice in Florida.

Long Lifespan

Metal, particularly aluminum and steel, can last up to 50 years and come with manufacturer warranties that provide lifetime support. Additionally, copper can last up to 100 years. You can find metal roofs as old as 70 years in Floridian cities, including Naples, Bonita Springs, Pensacola, Fort Myers, and Estero. On the other hand, other roofing shingles or tile roofs will only last around 10-25 years.


A metal roof is a great option for environmental sustainability. These are made from 25% recycled metal and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. What’s more, when installing a metal roof, you don’t need to tear off any existing shingles.

This saves installation costs and reduces shingle waste. A metal roof is also energy-efficient because it reflects heat better. This reduces the need to use aircon, saving you approximately 40% in annual energy costs.

Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roofs are no longer limited to a generic “beach shack” look. These roofs are available in several styles, colors, and types. This means you can choose a metal roof that best suits your needs.

Metal roofing can be installed in the form of shakes, Spanish tiles, shingles, and modern standing seam roofs. You no longer have to compromise on strength over aesthetics as a metal roof has both.

Peace Of Mind

A metal roof offers unique protection against harsh weather elements in Florida. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your roof is protecting your house from hurricanes, storms, heavy winds, sunlight, and more. What’s more, metal roofs require minimal maintenance which makes them a stress-free roofing option for the long term.

A metal roof with shingles.

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