If you’re looking for residential or commercial roofing, the choice of material used is a significant decision. The roof is one of the most importantelements of a home and any compromise on its quality can diminish your home’s structural integrity. This is why you need to consider several factors when choosing a roof coating that best suits your home’s needs.

TPO and Elastomeric membrane are the two options that you can choose from. However, both of these are different in various ways. Let’s discuss both of these to give you a better understanding of which will work for you.

TPO Membrane

Usually, TPO membrane is used to coat flat roofs. It’s a single-ply system that’s made from thermoplastic. TPO membrane has several advantages, especially when it comes to Florida’s climate.

The coating is resistant to harsh weather such as hurricanes, storms, heavy wind, and strong sunlight. TPO also lasts for around 40 years, which makes it a long-term investment and saves you costs in future roof repairs. When it comes to roof installation, TPO can be installed without requiring chemicals and provides exceptional cooling properties in summer.

However, what makes TPO a good choice is that it’s durable and resistant to harsh elements. TPO membrane’s white color gives it reflective properties which prevent heat absorption as well. As mentioned earlier, this keeps the inside of your house cooler, reducing aircon use.

Elastomeric Membrane

Elastomeric membrane is made from two layers of bitumen. The two parts are fused to ensure waterproofing. This kind of coating is generally used on flat commercial roofs as it’s ideal for larger surfaces. However, it can also be installed on residential roofs.

Similar to the TPO membrane, the Elastomeric membrane also comes with a long lifespan of 35 years, is resistant to harsh weather, and reduces heat accumulation in the summer.It also requires minimal maintenance which makes it an excellent long-term investment.

Which One Should You Choose?

TPO and elastomeric roof coatings are both good options for energy efficiency and durability. However, several other factors need to be taken into account when choosing either one. It’s important to determine the kind of roofing system you have, and the time of the year you’re getting the coating installed.

A water-resistant roof.

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