Metal roofs are easy to clean in most cases—all they usually need is pressurized water but at times, you may also need chemical cleaners, especially for tougher spots. However, you must hire a professional roof maintenance contractor like Certified Pro Roofing to handle all the maintenance tasks in the best way possible.

Having a general understanding of basic roof maintenance yourself is also essential. While it isn’t advised that you clean a metal roof yourself due to the dangers and risks it presents, there are a few techniques that can help you out.

Let’s discuss some of these to give you a better insight.

1. Cleaning Gutters

You shouldn’t forget about your roof’s gutter system as they can get clogged by debris causing rainwater to spill onto your roof. The water may even spill onto other parts of your homes’ exterior.

Generally, metal roofing systems are immune to corrosion. However, if rainwater overflows, it can result in wear and tear which degrades the zinc coating on steel and cause rust on your metal roof.

2. Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion is the result of two separate metals getting soaked in water and coming into contact with each other.  When different metals come into contact with each other the metal that’s higher on the electrochemical series chart will suffer a faster rate of corrosion. For instance, if you had stainless steel installed on your roof, it can cause the galvanized metal to corrode faster.

To avoid this, you must hire a roof repair expert who can determine whether different metal components were used in your roof and offer a prompt solution.

3. Leakages

Leaks are the most common roofing issue and they can be caused due to several reasons including extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and storms. Other factors can include errors during roof installation which result in failed seams, loose off-center fasteners,and improper flashing.The best way to avoid any leakages is to get a roof inspection if you feel that your roof has leakage issues.

With the proper application of sealants, professional roofing services will ensure that water or any other substance isn’t leaking through smaller spaces.With our reliable residential roof inspection, you can also ensure that you aren’t paying extra for getting any installation errors fixed.

4. Saltwater Corrosion

Salt is known for speeding up the process of corrosion. Saltwater, in particular, can corrodea metal surface around 5 times faster than freshwater while coastal air can corrode metal 10 times faster than normally humid air.

Roofing systems that are made from corrosion-resistant zinc and aluminum are a better choice if you’re looking to get a roof replacement instead. What’s more, you must make sure that the roofing system is well suited to the climate

With the help of professional roofing contractors,you can choose the best roofing materials for your roof and avoid long-term maintenance costs.

A bird’s-eye view of various house roofs.

If you’re looking to get your metal roof professionally inspected, repaired, maintained, or replaced, Certified Pro Roofing can help you out. Our roofing company provides licensed and trained roofing experts who can handle all your roofing needs in the best way possible. We also offer flexible financing options for roofing projects to help everyone install new roofs if the damagesare extensive. Contact us today to get a free quote for your roofing project!

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