Before hiring a roofing contractor, you need to double-check whether they have the appropriate license and insurance. This might seem unnecessary especially if the company you hired was referred to you by someone you know.

However, checking a roofing company for their insurance and license is important.It’s because as a homeowner you will be liable if someone gets injured working on your roof.To help you out, let’s discuss a few ways you can find out whether a roofing company is properly insured and licensed in Florida.

Checking If a Contractor Is Licensed

The good news is, checking a roofing company’s license is a simple process. You can find the license details for the company by searchingtheir name or license number in Florida’s online database of licensed contractors. The website is managed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

To begin searching, start by entering the contractor’s name or the organization’s name. You can also choose to find similar names or exact matches by checking the filters. Entering the name “Certified Pro Roofing” will yield our license details, company address, and the validity of the license with the date.

If you don’t find a particular name in the search results, that means the contractor hasn’t advertised their services appropriately. To avoid stolen identity, confusion, and fraud, a contractor needs to advertise their services according to their name on the license.

Roofing Contactor’s Insurance

To find out if a roofing company is insured, you must ask the roofing services provider about their insurance by contacting the company directly. You must verify that the roofing company is insured to guarantee that any roof replacement damages or unwanted expenses are covered.

Generally, a roofing company needs to have a Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance.These two types of insurances offer complete coverage for roofing operations while protecting the company and homeowners from any liability. You must ask your roofing company for proof of insurance before hiring them.

How Does a License Protect Homeowners?

Licenses protect you against dishonest contractors who fail to pay their subcontractors or leave the work unfinished. If a roof inspection company working for you fails to pay a subcontractor, the subcontractor can place a lien against your home. This lien can stay on the title of your home even after the project is finished.

The last thing you’d want after investing in roof maintenance is a contractor leaving work unfinished or a lien against your home. Not only will this cost you money and time to hire a contractor again but you may also have to pay for further repairs to the roof.

An aeriel view of homes with roofs.

To avoid this, do your research and look for renowned roofing contractors like us. Certified Pro Roofing is fully licensed and insured and we prioritize your satisfaction through our professional roofing services. Our vast range of roofing services includes roof repair, inspection, installation, maintenance, and replacement. We also offer our services on an urgent basis.

What’s more, if you’re looking to install a new roof but have financial constraints, our financing options will help you out. Contact us today for more information about our services.




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