The importance of a roof can’t be overstated and without a functioning roof, a house can quickly become uncomfortable to live in. To protect your health and your investment in your house, prioritizing roof maintenance is essential.

However, getting up to your roof and inspecting it yourself isn’t the best idea as it’s dangerous. Besides, it’s hard to know about everything look for to perform a roof repair. For preventive maintenance and catching problems early, you should hire a professional for a roof inspection.

Through an inspection, you will get to know every issue your roof may have and fix them time before they turn into major problems. Let’s discuss a few more things that you can expect during a roof inspection to help you understand its necessity.

Why Do You Need Roof Inspection?

The Aftermath of a Storm

Even if you didn’t suffer any serious damage after a storm, getting your roof inspected is always a good idea. Roof damage can be subtle and is found in spots that aren’t visible from the ground. As mentioned before, you shouldn’t climb up to check for damage yourself. Professional roofing experts at Certified Pro Roofing have the adequate experience, equipment and knowledge to safely and reliable inspect damage and implement fixes.

If You’re Purchasing a New Home

If you’ve gone through the house purchasing process, you may understand how challenging the appraisal and inspection process can be. A home inspection is important but if there are any issues with the roof, consulting a roof inspector is the best course of action.

The Roof Inspection Process

A roof inspector will examine your roof first from the interior and then the exterior. From the inside of the house, the inspector will look at the ceilings for signs of leakage or water damage. Later, they may inspect roof overhangs and eaves around the property’s perimeter for any signs of termite or wood rot damage.


Afterward, the inspector will climb up the roof. From this vantage point, they will check for any debris, broken shingles, signs of flashing or rust, clogged roof valleys, failing seals, plumbing vents, etc. The inspectors will also look for overlapping roof materials which can cause roof leaks, particularly for flat roofs,.

After The Inspection

The outcome of a roof inspection is based on the condition of the roof and the repairs needed. You can expect a written estimate for these repairs with a scope-of-work document. On the other hand, if the roof doesn’t require any repairs, you will receive an inspection report.  This report can come in handy if you wish to sell your house in the future.

A roof with a window and a chimney.

Roof issues such as leaks and broken shingles come can be challenging to deal with. If they aren’t addressed on time the repairs may get complicated and involve high costs for repairs.

At Certified Pro Roofing, we will professionally inspect your roof to help you understand your options. Besides residential roof inspections, our broad range of roofing services, and financing options we will address your roofing needs timely and reliably. We also offer emergency roof repair to save you from potential troubles. Contact us today to get a free quote!




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